A wooden house to live a perfect wintery and cozy Christmas

Christmas will soon be here as winter approaches. It is now time to decorate our home. We tell you everything, this cabin has done it brilliantly!

Do you wish to go inside a rustic home in Spain? The task of transforming this 170 m2 old, dark cottage into a fantasy cabin is the most beautiful process we’ve ever seen.


We visit a house made of stone and wood, with a warm and inviting rural cottage, perfect for wintertime. Always the first thing we see about a house, the front also gives us a preview of the interior. The outside of this two-story, century-old house is made of stone and wood. The entrance, upstairs window, overhanging beams, and ceiling are all made of wood in shades of dark brown. Christmas-themed lanterns, lights, and a white tree decorate the entrance.

The fireplace in the living room with planks recovered from old farmhouses in the area and thus plays a rustic role that gives extra warmth to the room.

The white sofa and the walls in the living room let a lot of light into the space. The white staircase leading up to the portion of the home where the bedrooms are located is also visible.

An idea for the Christmas dΓ©cor of this cabin? Choose typical red decorations first, such as red paper-wrapped gifts placed beneath the tree and in the kitchen, socks hung on the stairs to create a Christmas stairway, and garlands in an original Advent calendar hung in the bedroom. The Christmas wreath is situated directly at the top of the stairs. And it’s true that Christmas wouldn’t exist without red!





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