Lien Thong House by 6717 Studio in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Project: Lien Thong House
Architects: 6717 Studio
Location: An Phu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Area: 904 sf
Photographs by: Hiroyuki Oki

Lien Thong House by 6717 Studio

The Lien Thong House is a contemporary residence designed and built for a young family in the An Phu district of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Its irregularly geometric and radiantly white shape stands out from the surrounding buildings but also delivers plenty of natural light inside. Designed by 6717 Studio, this home offers just over 900 square feet spanning across three floors.

Lien Thong house where the young family including the married couple and their children have lived is designed by contemporary style. Recently, the family has stayed in 2 districts, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Based on the method of the split level floor, the house is free for an advance. According to the application of the structure technique, there are lots of open spaces where the members can sit to relax, for example, the long bench in the living room and the long steps of the stair in the middle of the house. In addition, there is not any limitation among the spaces, so the parent can watch their children while they do housework. This is the reason that the house is called Lien Thong.

In order to avoid the westward sunshine, the facade of Lien Thong house is divided to different squares is combined to the large skyline of the balcony that is a buffer zone to reduce the westward sunshine can stream in the doors. The location of squares is a possible vacancy to open the door at the balcony where the air can go inside the house directly. Particularly, on the second and the third floor, the small gardens and toilets are laid out in the front to decrease the westward sunshine. It makes the main spaces of the house become cooler.

Further, the principal architect designed the wells on the top of the roof that the sunshine can reach from sky to inside of the house strongly to light the house without electricity. The width of the skyline of the stair is large to help to link the spaces together horizontally. On the other hand, the skylines of Lien Thong houses connect the spaces inside the house vertically. In Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, the modern – longhouses are usually built lack of light can damage the health of the owner. Therefore, Lien Thong house is a simple solution to this problem. Besides, the house is a respectable idea of the westward house.

6717 Studio


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