Let there be light: choosing a chandelier for the living room

“Bread is the head of everything,” says an old proverb, “Light is the head of everything,” say interior designers (well, or almost everything). And here it is difficult to underestimate the role of the chandelier: as a rule, it is around it that the rest of the lighting is built. To inspire you and help you find “the one”, the one and only, we have prepared a small selection of 40 non-trivial chandeliers for your interior. From classic to minimalism. Choose!

Graceful models

Soft curves, neutral or pastel colors, playful brilliance, and mesmerizing décor that you want to look at – these sophisticated chandeliers fit harmoniously into interiors in style. art deco and Art Nouveau and feel great in modern classic living rooms.

Palace chandeliers

Shimmering pendants, multi-level structures and gilding of these chandeliers are reminiscent of balls, elegant palace halls, and women’s rustling floor-length dresses. Maybe that’s why they are so popular in modern interiors. And not only classical ones – luxurious chandeliers of the 19th century are increasingly found in the loft style, Scandinavian, or minimalism. Looks amazing.

Minimalist lamps

These chandeliers are sure to please style lovers with hi-tech, loft, and minimalism. No superfluous details: only clear geometric shapes, neutral colors, and the cold sheen of metal. Restrained, but very effective.


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