Lakeside Villa by ACE DESIGN in Shenzhen, China

Project: Lakeside Villa
Architects: ACE DESIGN
Location: Shenzhen, China
Area: 10,763 sf (including the garden)
Photographs by: Ao Xiang, Shifang Vision

Lakeside Villa by ACE DESIGN

While art creates realms, elegance brings the heart back to life

The rare luxury housing not only enjoys exceptional resources, but also responds to residents’ unique lifestyle, and more importantly, to the tasteful life with artistic aesthetics realm.

The newly built villa by ACE DESIGN – a 6-story townhouse located in Nanshan district, Shenzhen City, is one of top ten luxurious villa residences in Shenzhen, a low-key and secluded contemporary masterpiece that has withstood the test of time.

Surrounded by lakes and dense forests, it enables owners to take a journey to Shenzhen Bay and the South China Sea right from their front door. Here, living in a bustling ‘city within a city’, it embraces absolute tranquility and beauty.

Compared to the scarcity of villas, it is more rare for villa dwellers to have exceptional taste and realm that transcend resources, reflecting their endless artistic deposits and lifestyle.

The contemporary artistic villa that echos life and aesthetics

ACE DESIGN always thinks that residence is the home to pleasing life, and a gallery of art collections. Art serves life, people’s hearts and a vision for idea home. In the healthy living system of Hui Xie, founder of ACE DESIN, she upholds that luxury housing designers should have a deep insight of residents, dig out their cultural ideals and artistic preferences, so that they can truly create good designs.

Mr. Shuan Liang’s artwork, hanging in the first floor foyer, employs peaceful, ruleless and quiet lines to focus on tranquility, write realism with emptiness, and lay out a Zen mind, bringing about implicit associations with cultural contexts. Even dynamic changes of cyclical memories exude the purity of artistic practice.

“The owner of this case is an elegant, successful woman with a keen eye for aesthetics. Her collection of modern art shows her luxurious lifestyle. At the beginning of the design, she expressed her desire to create an artistic living habitat for her family and herself, so that art is always present in life and often echoes with cultural resonance,” says the designer.

Nature piques interest, art brings glory, culture integrates realm. The owners’ aesthetic preferences and tastes are elevated to a level of physical and mental enjoyment and resonance by ACE DESIGN through a new evolution of the scenario strategy, which results in the creation of daily beauty.

“Cactus” is the artwork of Italian artist Loris Cecchini. The three-dimensional structure of the steel module and the cactus verifies the interplay of “organic” and “nature”. It expresses plants’ inherent beauty in their complex evolution through the forms and paths of structure. An eternal meaning between the macro and the micro is produced, linking to the living atmosphere in a space where families interact closely.

Light is a natural presence, a carrier of beautiful metaphors that guide every movement of people in the space.

A “canyon” gap introduces wind and light, leaving large areas of white minimalist space. It gives the art of light and shadow to time itself, while linking the subtle changes and interactive pleasures of the different floors.

While changing the structure of light and the movement of people, a long and narrow canyon has been created at the side wall of the 1F dining room. The 2F daughter’s room looks out over the canyon, so parent-child interaction is doable by pushing out the window. This is a small detail that promotes a close relationship between the family.

It also serves as an occasional kitchen for the hostess. The daily artistic rendering makes the space glow with interest, convey the taste of life and the intimate warmth of family interaction.

The interaction between people and family, objects, art and life is often the focus of home design, determining the scale of the scene. Here, the vivid echoes of life are found in the works of contemporary Chinese artists such as Shuan Liang, Bing Xu, Shaoji Liang and Li Zhou, as well as the western vision that flows from the works of renowned Italian artist Loris Cecchini.

As East and West meet and collide their own arts and aesthetics in spatial scenes, a poetic bridge between the physical space and the heart of the inhabitants has been built .

A Healthy home, fun with nature

Natural wind and light intertwine freely, creating a trail of art

The fact is that designers should have a holistic vision, logic and systematic problem-solving power, so as to make the design of contemporary luxury housing stand out in the time trends and deliver the true meaning of lifestyle.

In response to this case characterized by living by the lake and low-density seclusion, the designers urgently need to solve more realistic difficulties in renovation – Given Shenzhen’s humid environment and the case’s waterfront location, how to turn the original 4-story villa into a 6-story building? How to solve the problem of long, narrow spaces with only two sides of the building receiving light and airflow ? How can the single, boring dynamic line of the original building be changed? And how can the family’s stylish and comfortable modern lifestyle be accommodated?

The hollow layout is created to link the separate first and lower ground floor, delivering aesthetics that surpasses nature with the ornament of butterfly art installation. The two butterflies are motivated by artist Li Zhou’s “Metamorphosis,” which uses traditional weaving techniques to produce flexible wire in a form that is light and dynamic, like a butterfly escaping from its cocoon and illustrating the tension of rebirth. Finally, the two separate floors are linked flexibly, bring splendid scenery.

The negative floor is a central place for the family’s leisure activities. Each family member can find a corner where they can relax comfortably, all together but without disturbing each other. “The humanity in the space comes from the intertwined smell of family and the taste of culture.”

The folding screen with the crane pattern on a black background brings the eastern poetry into the corner, achieving the aesthetic integration of traditional culture and modern housing. At this moment, people can enjoy the pleasure of ease, comfort and peace with book in hand, while being surrounded by the warmth of daylight and the beauty of the four seasons.

The different staircases, as functional bodies and as artistic installations, mitigate the dullness of the space and allow valuable ventilation into the previously gloomy, one-sided negative floor. The overhanging skylight, which follows the transitional order of the active line staircase, brings light and shadow to the space and accompanies the daily trajectory of each family member.

The artist Shanchun Yan’s ‘West Lake Series’ paintings blend Chinese and Western scholarship, creating an intrinsic cultural mapping with the spirit of space via a deeper understanding of form, image and meaning.

The delicate reverie and hazy poetry of the West Lake is depicted abstractly with continuous ink painting. The space presents a pleasure that can be scrutinized, contemplated, and enjoyed in an immersive manner, and also shows a unique taste wrapped in real literary. Drawing on the master artworks, the designers have incorporated life perception and aesthetics into the daily ambience of the family, making the space not only skillfully crafted but also rhythmical.

“Only by picking up the real life fragments can make design echo with each family member’s heart”. Here, the look of home becomes vivid scenes under the designer’s brush: the gathering of friends, the three meals of the family, the natural lake views outside the window ….. All scenes are transformed into a literary context integrated into life. This interrelationship between people and things, between things and things, makes every scene of life an abstract interpretation of the spiritual world, sublimating into the soul of art.

Art that enchants and connects the spirit

Infinite cycle of classic scenes

When exploring home design, ACE DESIGN strives to design a growable family interactive relation, and an artistic spirit beyond time and space in home culture, rather than designing a room.

The design of the daughter’ room goes beyond abstract language and embraces a youthful trendy art with a wonderful blend of colors and a playful spirit, getting infinitely closer to real life scenarios and evoking emotional resonance.

Stepping into the third floor, the tranquil and peaceful rest area is featured by nature, art, elegance and culture. Not confining to a certain style, the designers create a mixture of Eastern elegance or Western aesthetics, Chinese charm or French classics, colourful ink or black and white minimalism, to infuse the space with different artistic spirits and spatial expressions .

The elegantly retro branches and birds, the forest greenery that dots the bed and cabinet, the light that pours in through the gauze curtains …… This area is given a strong life force and unconstrained aesthetic tension thanks to the mix of oriental and contemporary styles.

The impression presented in the work of artist Giovanni Ozzola is to capture a priceless moment amid the erratic tension of nature and frame it in a modern canvas. The abstracted artistic relationship between the flowers and the land shown in the painting creates a powerful theatre of images that blends with the quietness of the space itself, touching people’s hearts.

Without surface ornamentation, the combination of a white canvas and a soft tone, as well as the contrast of angles and curves, demonstrate the beauty of freedom through simplicity. The designers have sought to find a balance between the bustling city and the reclusive leisure between art and nature, projecting the freedom of culture and spirit.

Capturing light and shadow, gentle breeze and pure nature, every scene in the space is elegantly detailed and vivid, soothing the mind and body and giving a sense of belonging to the environment based on the philosophy of artistic living in the master bedroom.

Emancipate the nature of light and shadow. As art and life are compatible, the residents’ inner perception and feelings of the space is the true dimension of design.

In the aimless freedom, the sublime nature of light and shadow is undoubtedly in tune with the divine nature of art, which in turn transforms into a continuous experience of the temporal dimension beyond the material.

Back to the essence of life. ACE DESIGN hopes that the language of design can become a cultural medium, penetrating between people and scenes. This is why these artistic corners have been created in the living environment – the staggering photography gives a sense of immersion, turning every step of daily life into a beautiful melody.

Family talking, nature appreciation, relaxation and leisure are the main functions the residents want space to carry. For the sports field on the staircase, ACE DESIGN makes light and shadow the main character, while using art as the anchor point to sublimate emotions, and fitness culture as the focus to create an experience, so as to grow together with the residents’ rich and colourful life.

Combining the spatial context created by art, the designers produce an added value that is in tune with the lifestyle, returning to an environment of self-containment, richness and warmth.

Thus, by describing the taste in art, the depth of culture, the personalities of the residents, the presentation of daily fragments, and the dialogue that returns back to the heart, the rhythm of the space’s core narrative is gradually laid out. And a flower, a leaf, a painting, a scene in the everyday details are all turned into artistic touch points of emotion.

The carrier of the home, the ‘theatre of life’, is in tune with the creation of artistic taste. The designers have transformed the owner’s taste for wine and cinema into a diversified, immersive and artistic ‘theatre’ – like a Croatian rhapsody. This is a vivid story that unfolds through optical illusions and colors, reaching into the rich inner world.

“To some extent, design is a means of self-expression and self-discovery. Another aspect of inner expression is: Being completely relaxed to perceive the body and mind, to generate emotions, to discover oneself, and to develop empathy with a particular culture .” say the designers.

-Project description and images provided by Current-Newswire



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