Lake Waconia House by ALTUS Architecture + Design in Minnesota, USA

Project: Lake Waconia House
Architects: ALTUS Architecture + Design
Location: Waconia, Minnesota, USA
Area: 5,500 sf
Photographs: Paul Crosby

Lake Waconia House by ALTUS Architecture + Design

The studio behind the design of the Woodland House in MinnesotaALTUS Architecture + Designhave stepped inside our spotlight once again with their design for a home that is located on the Southwest shore of Lake Waconia, again, in Minnesota, USA.
The Lake Waconia House is a 5,500 square foot home designed in the industrial style for a family of eight members. Its design seeks to put an emphasis on the stunning natural surroundings and it does so successfully through the usage of natural materials and an immense amount of glass surfaces that create a dramatic transparency and bring sunlight inside.

Situated on the Southwest shore of Lake Waconia, this industrial modern house for a family of 8 seeks to celebrate its natural surroundings through natural materials and dramatic transparency. Located adjacent to a grove of 200 year old oak trees near the shoreline the house is organized as a bold sculptural response to the lake and trees.

The two-story, 5,500 square foot home is designed to promote the outdoors and active lifestyle of the family. The central living room is created as a two story atrium with glass walls on the north and south edges capturing daylight throughout the day and inviting views through the house to the trees and lake beyond. The family activity space is an indoor swimming pool with direct access to the lakeside of the property. The upper level is organized as two wings, a master suite and exercise space on the west and the children’s wing with two bathrooms, laundry and three two level loft bedrooms for 6 (4 boys and 2 girls).

The exterior materials differentiate the various program elements of the design, with the ground level being a warm white stucco, while the master wing is a deep auburn brick, and the children’s wing is wrapped in wood planks with a black brown stain and black aluminum panel edge details all under a dark bronze metal roof. The exterior materials fold into the interior of the house, creating an indoor/outdoor dialogue, and developing the interior living room atrium as a central void space.

The entry canopy introduces weathering steel as a contrast to the stucco, carrying into the entry foyer as well. Concrete floors with radiant heat, a steel stair, and perforated blackened steel ceilings in the living room and kitchen convey a rigorous modern aesthetic and reduced cost to the finishing of the space. The children’s wing incorporates color stained plywood walls and ceilings, defining an animated, playful environment with dramatic views of the trees, evoking a tree-house imagery.

ALTUS Architecture + Design


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