La Negrita by Morini Arquitectos in Mendiolaza, Argentina

Project: La Negrita
Architects: Morini Arquitectos
Location: Mendiolaza, Argentina
Photographs by: Gonzalo Viramonte

La Negrita by Morini Arquitectos

The La Negrita home is an interesting modern residence designed by Morini ArquitectosIt is placed on a large lot in Mendiolaza, Argentina.
The main focus of the design of this residence is the connection to the nature that surrounds it and that is immediately observable. It is glazed from all sides making sure there’s plenty of natural light inside but also a seamless connection to the landscapes around it.

“La negrita” is a very special house like its inhabitants, who have a very good beginning in the query that does not. For an architect happiness.

In a large field full of trees, touching one was a sin so the house was located in the only clearing. Once decided the place, the owners wanted to feel that the trees of the place were part of the interior space and vice versa and at the same time to raise a great wall of privacy against the street. Therefore it ends up being a totally introverted house, mysterious towards the street and extroverted, almost exhibitionist, towards the interior.

From the first moment the idea was that of a large black wall to which different pieces were going to be attached according to the program, originally it was one and with the development of the project they decided to build finally three ((Living Room / Dining / Kitchen) , Master bedroom and Garage). The idea of the fragmentation of the program in small pieces arises from the situation of the young couple and how it will change over time, surely more pieces will be added and in this search try not to lose the essence of the original idea.

The final result is a house of transitions, of the lightness of the black sheet exterior to the heaviness of the concrete of the interior, from black to white, of the opacity in the entrance façade to the transparency of the interior space.

Morini Arquitectos


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