KPIT Office – Proactive Workspace by Designers Group in India

Project: KPIT Office
Architects: Ar. Ravi Kadam, Integrid Design consultants – Interior: Designers Group
Location: Hinjewadi, Pune, India
Photographs by: Atul Kanetkar

KPIT Office by Designers Group

KPIT is a pioneer in the field of technology, working for big brands like Audi and BMW. For such a prolific company, it was essential that their office spoke of grandeur & focused on core functionality. Being a frontrunner in hospitality design, Designer’s Group was the first choice, as KPIT was in search of a unique & inspiring design expression for their office. So, the KPIT office by Designer’s Group became a study in sleek lines and beautiful planning combined with smart execution to accommodate a large workforce. Located in a green and lush plot, this office is the perfect breeding ground for ingenious ideas & innovation. As the surroundings of the building were subjected to stellar landscaping, the office had to match its environment, thus calling for a unique approach towards a design that was well provided by Designers Group.

The KPIT office is designed to match the changing aspects of today’s contemporary work ethos. The plot is located in a serene green environment surrounded by hills. A myriad hue of colors, tints, and shades create a synergy between the interiors and the tranquil exteriors of the space. The design scheme was set to achieve a minimal yet dynamic ambience that triggers a sense of motivation amongst employees. The structure was divided into two levels with cabins, cubicles, and meeting rooms at each level, and the ground floor comprised an experience center and cafeteria. The corridors were laid out with carpets manifesting defined pathways and the interiors are enthused with greens. Coincidentally, KPIT as a brand is also denoted with blue and green, which is used as the primary color palette for the overall interior grammar. Given KPIT’s employee strength and organization size, it was imperative that the design and the layout incorporated a lot of workstations to accommodate the employees. Creating a free-flowing and open layout was an unconventional but productive choice as it allowed employees to interact with each other, work harmoniously while increasing productivity.

A mixture of industrial and accent lighting has been used to illuminate the space – such lighting is not harsh, allowing the employees to work grueling hours without getting exhausted. Bright and bold patterned columns break up the open layout of the office, adding dimension and warmth to the workspace. Stunning floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light to infiltrate through, energizing and motivating employees. The use of carpets in the corridors infuses a regal charm across the pathways that lead to the green-infused interiors ahead.

Honing in on the idea of “casual corners,” the KPIT office has plenty of intersections and spots where workers can interact more informally, or work in a more relaxed environment with a coffee cup accompanying them, making it easy for ideas to flow. This is the perfect meet-up spot, with eclectic colors and cozy seating that is bound to instantly lift up anyone’s mood! As we shift our attention to the ceiling, it is the phenomenal skylight that really breathes life into the office. Connecting the lower floor to the upper levels, this skylight is multifunctional – it can be used as an amphitheater where any presentation can take place. It is also a projection wall where meetings and formal gatherings can take place. Another marvelous feature of the office is the asymmetrical wooden staircase leading to the upper floor.

Lastly, the cafeteria is huge – it can easily fit in 2000 employees. It is the quintessential open space where employees can relax and enjoy a meal or snack. Various types of seats were included in this space so that if the need should arise, it could also serve as a space for a small office function or an impromptu gettogether. The ceiling was kept open, so that sunlight could come in, but at the same time, conical light fixtures were also added to add artificial light.

Like everything Designers Group does, the KPIT office is awe-inspiring while fostering creativity and encouraging maximum efficiency. Excruciating attention has been paid to all details in order to ensure every employee is comfortable in their own space. For choosing another word here case studies in design and architecture that will not skimp on performance, Designers Group is the way to go.

-Project description and images provided by Designers Group


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