Kitchen lighting fixtures – learn how to choose the best model

Although lighting fixtures have greater design emphasis when they are applied in living or dining rooms, they can also be applied gracefully in the kitchen. With the right balance between elements, colors, and materials, it is possible to create elegant arrangements to completely differentiate your kitchen.

Kitchen lighting formats are varied, so we believe there is always a suitable option for any environment. It is worth remembering that the electrical installations and plaster lining must be considered, as well as the necessary support, depending on the size of the accessory.

What is the ideal light for the kitchen?

Choosing the right lighting fixture in the kitchen makes a big difference in the functionality and look of the environment. After all, in this room, many functions take place, such as cooking, eating, and spending time with friends and family. To choose the ideal lighting fixture for the kitchen, you need to consider the general lighting of the space, as well as the specific lighting of work areas, such as sinks, stoves, and countertops.

The choice of material for the luminaire is also another point that must be taken into account. Metal ones are versatile and easy to clean, glass ones promote a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. While the wooden light fixtures add a rustic and cozy touch to the kitchen, the ceramic ones go the other way, bringing contemporaneity and liveliness.

Types of kitchen lighting

Ceiling lamp

This is the first option for general lighting in the kitchen. It is usually positioned in the center of the ceiling and can be circular, rectangular, or disc-shaped. For kitchens with low ceilings, it is recommended to opt for a low-profile luminaire so as not to reduce the height of the room.

Pendant lamp

They are perfect models for illuminating specific areas of the kitchen, such as worktops, dining tables, or kitchen islands. There are a variety of models on the market, in the form of domes, spheres, and even the most daring designs with abstract and modern shapes. Pendant lights can also be arranged together to create an interesting effect and increase the amount of light in a specific area.

Lighting rail

Lighting rails are another excellent alternative for lighting the kitchen in a functional and stylish way. The custom method allows you to choose how many fixtures to place and where they will be positioned. Another advantage of this model is that it can be easily installed, that is, it does not require drilling new holes in the ceiling and can be adapted to different types of ceilings and heights.


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