Jungle Decor In The Bedroom – 6 Essentials To get

Want to escape and puffs of greenery? For several years, the success of the jungle decor has not been denied. Even in the bedroom where lush patterns and vibrant colors combine with natural, soft, and soothing materials. All you have to do is adopt a few green plants, Monstera, and other cacti to complete the urban jungle of your bedroom

1. A cane wardrobe to stick to trends

What better way to store your clothes and accessories in your jungle room than this elegant and original wardrobe? The caning brings vintage and natural touch that will hit the mark.

2. A rattan headboard for a natural effect

Natural materials are renowned for bringing a touch of softness and exoticism to the heart of the house. This rattan headboard with vintage elegance will make your bedroom soothing.

3. Braided suspensions for a feeling of escape

Let’s continue with natural materials: this lightweight natural palm tree pendant lamp will easily fit into your bedroom, as the main pendant lamp or as a bedside lamp on either side of the bed.

4. A jungle spirit poster that makes you travel

If you choose strong and lush colors on the walls, counterbalance by installing black and white posters with retro elegance evoking exotic flora and fauna.

5. A palm tree lamp for a chic touch

With this luminous palm tree at your bedside, a change of scenery is guaranteed. A touch of gold will enhance the emerald green and deep green dear to the jungle decor .

6. Exotic curtains for an assumed style

To filter the daylight nicely, these Pierre Frey curtains will be a delight with their spectacular vine motifs.


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