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Are you looking to ramp up the eye appeal of your home’s interior? Who isn’t? The challenge most folks run into is cost. Some interior improvements simply cost too much to make them affordable or wise. Experts say you should focus on projects that have the potential for adding long-term value to the house, making it more comfortable for your present needs or transforming an older structure into a modern one.

Interior design professionals have their own favorites among the hundreds of jobs an owner can choose from. Keep in mind that some top ideas, all of which are listed below, require a professional’s help while others don’t. Either way, the homeowner comes out on top because each one of the items on the list has the potential to add comfort, eye appeal and resale value to any dwelling.

Add Storage Space

One of the smartest and simplest interior design ideas is added storage space. It might not be very exciting or high tech, but people love extra places for their stuff. And when it comes time to sell your precious dwelling and move into fresher digs, all that storage space will be a solid selling point. Some added space projects are strictly DIY affairs, especially when you simply add cabinets under a staircase or in the garage. But other, more complex ideas call for the help of a contractor.

Install a Home Lift

Professional designers say installing a home lift does two very important things for any homeowner: a lift means safe travel from floor to floor for older folks who don’t want to negotiate long staircases, and it adds a large dose of elegance to any home. That elegance translates into a higher resale value if you ever put your abode on the market. Visit a home lifts expert comparison site to see what features you might need in your own home lift.

Use White Paint

The least expensive interior design idea for the new year involves paint, lots and lots of white paint. Designers say that after several years of color paint being the most popular of all the hues, white is making a massive comeback. One reason is white paint’s ability to make small spaces look larger, more upbeat and lighter. From basements to dens to family rooms to kitchens, white is now the best-selling paint color for interior project by about four to one, experts say. An added advantage: pure white hues are easy to match if you need to do repair work in the future and cover over your tool markings.

Use Sculptures and Paintings in Key Areas

You need not break the bank in order to spruce up lackluster areas of your dwelling with paintings and sculptures. Experts say you should buy retail art works that are copies of classics and place them in every room of the house. Be careful not to overdo the effect or you’ll end up with a cluttered look. The pros say just one item in each large room is sufficient. Consider putting a small sculpture in the entryway to accent this important space.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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