Inspiring Project Ideas of Planned German Corner

The name may not sound familiar at first glance, but you’ve probably seen German singing. It’s a dining table layout where it’s not centred on the surroundings but leaning against a wall or corner.

But simply pushing the table and chairs against the wall is not enough to work well.

The main feature of the German corner is that the chairs that would be glued to the wall(s) are replaced with a bench or sofa. In this case, it can be a straight, angular or U-shaped model. Both the shape and the number of seats depending on the size of the table and the dimensions of the room. The result is a highly comfortable dining area that saves space compared to the traditional table arrangement.

Hugely popular in German restaurants and bars (hence the inspiration for the name), this table layout is back in decorating trends today. Super charming, modern and intimate, it’s a great solution for those who are short on space. However, it can also be used in large environments. And although it can be assembled using ready-made furniture, in the planned ones we see the best results.

What furniture do you need for a planned German corner?

A German song essentially consists of four elements:

  • the bench leaning against the wall(s);
  • The table;
  • The chairs); and,
  • seats and/or cushions.

However, to make the project more comfortable and with more charming decoration, it is possible to add pictures on the wall, and shelves with books and decorations. A hanging chandelier brings a lot of style and course the right lighting to the room.

Here we have some ideas that will inspire you to design yours:











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