Inspirations Of Glowing Wooden Masonry Kitchens

When you search for the top references of the kitchen trends for 2022 you will find only one thing for your kitchen, the revolutionized and modernized rustic kitchen – the wooden masonry kitchen!

Tadelakt technique is one of the crucial coatings when it comes to the wooden masonry kitchen of your dreams. This technique has its influences from the Mediterranean homes, and who doesn’t have one in their kitchen? Majorca and Ibiza are one of the places you can come across this warm style of kitchen artistry.

How to make a masonry kitchen?

The built-in wooden kitchen is ecological since the materials she is made of are 100% natural: the boxes are built using plaster tiles and wooden doors, preferably solid ones. When they are cut to the right dimensions, the smooth wooden doors will bring rustic touch but at the same time, they will bring modernity. When it comes to antique doors, they will give a more authentic and natural atmosphere to the plasterboard tiles in the plans when determining the dimensions of the wooden doors. And finally, the worktop! The worktop is also made from plaster tiles and the whole is coated with lime using the Tadelakt technique which makes it waterproof.

How to decorate a wooden masonry kitchen?

As we said before, the wooden masonry kitchen draws its spectacularity from the Mediterranean architectural landscape specifics. Sometimes the wooden masonry kitchen can also exist in smooth dark wooden for a more pointed and aesthetic atmosphere instead of the natural wood masonry that we are used to seeing. In the masonry kitchens, there are also open niches which will give more openness and functionality for storing everyday dishes.

As for decorations, you can use wicker hanging lamps, tablecloths, and other linen household in natural colours to maintain the authentic atmosphere that is filled with nature’s scent.

We will show you our admiration for wooden masonry kitchens that we have come across on Pinterest for a daily dose of kitchen art:











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