Inspirational Ideas of Dining Room Decor That are Delightful

Eating family meals is a great opportunity to share moments together, especially in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And the dining room serves just that: to create moments with good food and good company. For these moments to be used in the best possible way, the decoration counts a lot. And with it, you will determine the most suitable furniture and the ideal lighting, for example.

Speaking of furniture, the dining room doesn’t require much. We can summarize a space like this with two items: tables & chairs. The great trick to making a perfect dining room is to get the furniture and decoration right.

That’s what you’ll learn here: how to decorate your dining room. Keep following this post, as we will give you great tips and surprise you with lovely projects.

Dining Room Decoration: Dining Table

Let’s start with it: the dining table. The right choice of this furniture will make all the difference in the comfort and aesthetics of your dining room.

The dining table is the biggest piece of furniture in the room and it is up to her to determine the circulation area of ​​the place. To plan your dining room take into account that you need to leave a minimum area for circulation, which is usually 90 centimeters, but ideally it should be between 120 to 150 centimeters (as long as the chairs are already occupied and away from the table) ).

The round and square tables are beautiful, but in small dining rooms the rectangular tables are ideal, which take up less space.

The material for your dining table can be glass, wood or metal. Whatever you prefer, as long as it fits the decoration proposal, especially in cases where the dining room is integrated with other environments, such as the kitchen and the living room. There, it is preferable to standardize the style of decoration to create identity and continuity between the environments.

Dining Room Decoration: Chairs

Chairs are the table pair and are just as important. The choice of chairs will depend on the type of table and the tip, in this case, is to pay attention to the dimensions of the table.

A large and spacious table holds armchair-style chairs very well, with armrests, high backs and cushions. Small tables, on the other hand, should have armless chairs and a low back.

It is not necessary to combine all the chairs. They can be different, as long as they have something in common, such as the same material, color or finish. The same idea applies to the combination of tables and chairs, they don’t have to be a perfect match, but they do have something in common.
To escape the obvious, swap two chairs for a long bench, this is a good tip for small rooms. When the bench is not being used, just push it under the table, freeing up space for circulation. Sofas and benches fixed in the corner of the wall can create a German corner.

Want to see how it all works in practice? Then check out the pictures of decorated dining rooms we selected:












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