Innovative Decor Ideas of Kitchen Planned in L-shape

The kitchen is the heart of the home! You’ve heard that before, right? This is one of the most important spaces in any home, so planning this environment is essential. And when it comes to the kitchen, there are several models to be inspired by, and one of the most popular is the L- shaped kitchen.

This format, in addition to optimizing space, provides a modern and sophisticated look for the environment. 

Types and models of the planned kitchen in L

  • Planned kitchen in L with central island: This kitchen model is ideal for those looking for a modern and sophisticated environment. The central island serves as a support bench and can be used as a space for quick meals. However, it needs to have advantageous measures, since to install the island, the kitchen needs to be at least 9 square meters.
  • L-shaped kitchen with support bench: For those looking for a practical and functional environment, this kitchen model is ideal. The support bench serves as a space for preparing food and also for quick meals. Ideal for small environments or for a house with few residents. The bench also has the advantage of being able to be used as a divider between integrated spaces.
  • L-shaped kitchen with hanging cabinets: Hanging cabinets are perfect for those who need extra storage space, while also needing to take advantage of every inch. It looks great both in large environments and in those more compact.
  • A kitchen planned in L with windows: Every kitchen needs windows, but the model in L is valued with the presence of this element. The idea is to keep the sink bench below the window, so you guarantee lighting and ventilation for the area that concentrates most of the tasks performed in the environment.

How to decorate an L-shaped kitchen

Choose color palette

The choice of color palette is essential in any project. It should match the entire environment, creating a sense of harmony between the elements present in the décor. 

Neutral colors are always a good option for the kitchen, as they create a clean and sophisticated environment. But for those who want to dare or guarantee a more personalized decorative touch, it is worth investing in bright and cheerful tones.

Invest in proper lighting

Lighting is a very important element in decorating an L-shaped kitchen. It is important to choose lighting capable of serving each area of ​​the kitchen, in a functional and comfortable way. 

In the workbench area, for example, a more intense and directed light favors the execution of tasks. Already on the counter, the use of pendants brings a welcoming light, ideal for meals and a chat. 

Decorate with plants and objects with personality

To make the L-shaped kitchen more cozy and welcoming, it is worth investing in plants and decorative objects that convey personality. In addition to making the environment more beautiful, plants help purify the air. While the objects reinforce the decorative style and personality of the residents.

Use different coatings

Tiles are a great way to add a personal and stylish touch to an L-shaped kitchen. Decorated tiles and colored inserts, for example, make the kitchen more interesting and cozy. Those who do not want to venture into renovations and breakages can bet on simpler solutions, such as wallpaper or vinyl adhesive. 

Nowadays there are great resistant and waterproof options that guarantee a new look for the kitchen in a backlash.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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