9 Incredible Ideas for Inspiration of L-shaped Kitchens

For a functional and simple kitchen, it is necessary to have the necessary equipment, such as the stove, refrigerator, and sink. No matter your size, the L-shaped kitchen is a great option for any type of space and purpose!

The triangular shape is the best option to make the space very functional, so try to make the appliances available following this layout order. Normally, the sink and the refrigerator are on the same wall. One suggestion is to use the cooktop stove as it occupies a smaller counter. If you have a small kitchen, the layout of the counters is ideal, as it takes advantage of the walls and makes the circulation more spacious.

If the space of your kitchen is large, use one of the sides to compose a meal counter. Incorporate in this space some very tall and modern hanging chairs to give more joy to the environment.

Another way to increase the kitchen is to insert suspended cabinets to the countertop and opt for built-in appliances. In this way, you gain more space for the cooking area, in addition to having space to organize other kitchen equipment. An incredible suggestion is also to insert a suspended cabinet for the microwave, in order to leave it at the appropriate height and not lose the space of the cabinets.

Are you curious to improve your new kitchen? Check out these 9 incredible ideas below and find the inspiration you need here:











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Author: Renata Kralevska


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