Take Care of Yourself and Your Home With Plants in Winter

Being at home is a theme that we have always sought to develop. We tend to believe that our habitat is the place where you can take care of yourself, sometimes heal your wounds, when the outside world goes crazy. Today, we offer you an article whose theme is, therefore, well-being at home in winter and more precisely thanks to indoor plants. They have benefits on several levels. We will see how they are good for us, for our interior. And we will also discuss how to take care of our green plants during the winter.

Take Care of Your Morale with Plants

Plants are good for morale. They bring a dose of vitality into our interior, a bit like a backdrop that acts on our mood and our thoughts without anyone really noticing. A touch of life that – in winter – does a lot of good while outside everything is gray. In addition, taking care of the plants is a daily activity that allows you not to think for a few moments about your daily troubles. Even this activity seems simple, it requires to be focused on what we do. It would be a shame to cut a healthy leaf instead of the next one because we are not totally focused on what we are doing.

Take Care of Indoor Air Quality with Plants

Morale is not the only aspect where green plants have an interest. They are also good for your interior, especially for air quality. They absorb some of the harmful particles from the air to filter it. And in winter, as you stay much more inside, it is essential to take care of your interior and the air quality that is there. We tend to ventilate for less time than in summer because it curdles outside and we want to protect ourselves from the cold.  In short, even without assembling a new piece of furniture or doing DIY, the air in our accommodation in winter is less good. Plants therefore partially renew the air in your rooms. Certain varieties of plants are known for this characteristic. 

Caring for Indoor Plants During Winter

To finish this article, we thought that you might be interested in some tips for taking care of your plants this winter. You will see, there is nothing very complicated!

  • Check the light supply for your plants – plants need more or less light to grow properly, and in winter the light is lower. Certain varieties – greedy in light – will have to be brought closer to the window until spring.
  • Make sure that the plants do not have too many temperature variations – In winter we turn on the radiators when we are indoors but generally during the day, they are turned off and it is, therefore, less hot. Often in living rooms, the temperature is not that much yoyo and you do not lose 15 ° when the heating is off. (If this is the case, you probably have an insulation problem). But in the entrance hall, for example, there can be large variations in temperature. Plants may not like …
  • Humidify the air in your home – Heating your home dries out the air and is not good for you or your plants. There are different ways to add a little more humidity to the ambient air. We can think of an air humidifier which in addition to being practical can also be very decorative.

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