Incredible Ideas of Decorated Christmas Trees

The Christmas decoration is done with a lot of details and should balance well the types of reference chosen by you. There are many types of possible decorations: from the most traditional and symbolic, to very fun and deconstructed versions for this so delicious time of year.

Before going out gathering all the decorations you see ahead, think of some details to have a harmonic, coherent decoration and with a final result that really leaves everyone infected by that Christmas joy.

The decorated Christmas tree involves much more than the hanging ornaments, but the entire selection of colors, shapes, sizes, and distribution of elements in a harmonic way.
To help you in this quest to decorate everything, we have separated some general tips for you to make your decorated Christmas tree even more beautiful:

  • Size: Think about the type of space that is available and also the space that your tree will occupy. The size of the tree must be chosen according to the environment. The smaller models combine more with small spaces or on top of furniture, while the traditional large Christmas trees deserve all the space and prominence in the environment. The size of the ornaments should also be proportional to the size of the Christmas tree, so this is the first step for your decoration to be a success.
  • Choosing the ornaments: The ornaments of a Christmas tree do not know any limitations of colors and shapes. In addition to the traditional balls, bows, and stars, you can use sweets, musical instruments, garlands, blinkers, pom-pons, and whatever else your imagination sends. You can make a mix of references or even a themed decoration for your tree.
  • Colors: Think about the color palette and the effects you want to cause through your decoration. You can choose ornaments that give a more elegant look to your Christmas tree, such as the most minimalist ones, or the shades of blue to give it a cooler touch or make references to the sea. Traditional colors appear mainly in the green of the tree and also in the red of the ornaments. Your decor can be more trendy and glam with more fun colors like purple, lilac, and pink. Do not forget yet trends such as colorful ornaments, gradients, and harmonization with the decor of the environments.
  • When assembling: When arranging all the details, an interesting tip is to always think of triangles, so it becomes easier to balance everything and make the decoration more distributed. Start with the blinker and if you have loops and balls, position them so that the loops are above the balls. After that, you can start placing the smaller ornaments.

Now let’s see our board of inspirational photos:











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