Amazing Tips on Wonderful Christmas Decor

With the arrival of the most festive date of the year comes that magical moment of tidying up the house and preparing all the Christmas decorations. Thinking about it, we brought in this post several tips to help you make a dream Christmas. Come check it out.

When to do For Christmas Decoration?

The Christmas decoration does not have a certain date to be made. In commerce, for example, it is common to find items for Christmas decorations in the first days of November. But for Catholic tradition, however, there is a certain date for the beginning of Christmas decoration. For Christians, Christmas decoration should be done little by little and start four Sundays before December 25th.

This period marks the beginning of the Christian advent, the date when preparations for the arrival of the baby Jesus begin.

Christmas decoration: Tips and how to Make

Nowadays, Christmas decoration has gained many new elements, colors, and representations. But some details cannot escape tradition. Here’s what you can’t miss in your Christmas decoration:

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the big star of the party. It cannot be missed at all. You can choose the traditional model, natural or artificial, resting on the floor and typically decorated with colored balls, flashes, and stars.

But if you prefer you can risk a more daring model, like a pink Christmas tree, for example. There are also wall-mounted Christmas trees, perfect for those with little space at home. And speaking of little space, the Christmas tree can also be one of the mini types that fit super well on top of a rack or dresser. Another option is to make your own tree using recycled material, for example, or using a theme of your choice, such as books.


Most religious people know that it was the star of Bethlehem that guided the wise men to the manger where the baby Jesus was born. That is why the star is such an important symbol of that time of year. Traditionally it is used on the tip of the Christmas tree, but nothing prevents you from using it as a door ornament, hanging on the wall, or some furniture, for example.


The candles represent the light that the baby Jesus brought to the world. In other words, another element worthy of being present in the Christmas decoration, not to mention that the candles make everything much more beautiful and cozy.

Santa Claus

The good old man with a white beard and red clothes, also known as Santa Claus, is also another strong candidate for Christmas decoration, especially for those with children at home.

Santa Claus is the great symbol of playfulness, magic, and enchantment at this time of year. It represents kindness, solidarity, and unity among people. In the Christmas decoration, Santa Claus can become a theme for the garland on the entrance door, a Christmas tree ornament, in addition to serving as a print for tablecloths, napkins, cushion covers, dish towels, among other household accessories. In addition to the figure of Santa Claus, you can also use only the hat or boots of the old man hanging on some furniture or the door.

Pine Cones

Pine cones are another typical Christmas symbol. Pine fruits, pine cones serve as countless types of Christmas ornaments, ranging from the tree to the supper table or the garland on the door. Just use your creativity.


In the time of the pagan peoples, garlands were used to chase away evil spirits and bad energy and, for this reason, were hung on the front door of the house. The concept has remained until today, but nowadays they have gained new elements, colors, and shapes.

The more traditional ones are made of flowers, branches, and pine cones, but you can still bet on models with polka dots, for example.

Nativity Scene

The nativity scene is also a strong symbol at Christmas. It represents the birth of the baby Jesus and, according to Christian tradition, it must be assembled gradually until Christmas Day. The assembly must begin by placing the landscape or background first, then the animals, then Joseph and Mary, and finally, between the night of the 24th and the 25th, the baby Jesus must be placed in the crib.

Angels, Bells, and Other Ornaments

There are other important Christmas symbols and ornaments, such as angels, reindeer, bells, snowflakes, flowers, and berries, among others. What really counts is to adapt the type of ornament to your personal beliefs and tastes, since not all of them need to be used. 


Christmas goes with lights! We have already talked about candles, but here other types of lights come in, such as those for blinkers and flashlights.

Christmas lights are the highlight of the decoration and must be present in various corners of the house, not just on the tree. Bet on the use of blinkers in the garden, on the balcony, in the rooms, and wherever else you find necessary.

Color Palette

The typical Christmas color palette is green, red, and gold. But other colors can also be used, such as silver, blue, and white. For a bolder and more modern Christmas decoration, it is also worth betting on different shades such as pink and orange. If you make the minimalist line, invest in a Christmas of light and neutral colors with light touches of black.

Check out below 10 more Christmas decoration ideas to get inspired (and sigh):












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