Ideas on how to decorate the entryway in your home

Having a beautiful entryway will give you the inspiration to furnish it and set the tone for the rest of your home. Creating an eye-catching wall display or some over-sized plants will instantly engage the visitors when entering. There are some things you should think about like a narrow table or a bench, a mirror, artwork, wall hooks, runner and plants. Solve these items and your welcoming entryway will be guaranteed with some new sparkle of freshness.

Entry Table

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This one will keep the area from feeling smaller and for finding such a piece that has additional storage like drawers or shelves it can be useful. You will will safe to keep your mail and keys there, so this is a beautiful yet simple idea on how to start with the decor in your entryway.


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Adding a bench with pop of color would be eye-catching when entering. Also, it makes the space more vibrant and fresh so consider to find a bench that can be used as an entry table and sitting bench with additional storage. It is necessary for keeping the shoes or some other objects.


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This is one of our favorite entryway details that you must add. Hanging the mirror over the table or a bench allows you to give yourself a check when you are coming and going. You just need to position the mirror to catch a light as this will make the space feel larger in small spaces.


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Who doesn’t want a piece of artwork in their entryway? I mean, we still haven’t met that kind of person, but let’s not talk about personal tastes. If you feel like you want to place an artwork place it somewhere near the mirror or on the opposite sight. When you add this abstract art piece with colors that you have designed it will speak for your entryway. That’s why it’s important to add it.

Wall Hooks

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Implementing a rug, or a runner is one of the best ways to add character to your home. They will create this cozy and comfy feeling on hardwood flooring and would instantly add color and pattern to your space.


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You read this first, then you go off adding a fresh plant! Right away! It will make your space colorful and also will be a stylish decorative element to your entry.

We really hope that these ideas can help you style your entryway!


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