5 Simple Ways To Make Your Entryway More Welcoming

You’ve filled your living room with inviting sofas and cosy blankets, played around with the lighting scheme to find the perfect warm glow and spent months designing a luxurious guest bedroom…

…but if you really want to create a welcoming, friendly home you need to focus on its entryway.

Yup, although it’s easy to forget about, the front door is the first chance you get to make a good first impression on visitors.

So stop neglecting it and show it the same amount of TLC every other inch of your house has received.

Here are five simple ways to boost your home’s curb appeal and add some much-needed personality, fun and beauty to its entryway.

Pick the right colour

As an interior design addict, you’re used to balancing colour schemes throughout a room to build atmosphere and character. Apply that same attitude and eye-for-detail to picking the perfect shade for repainting your front door.

Make a bold statement with a sunshine yellow or hot pink, and you’ll instantly make your house look friendlier. Remember to buy a high-gloss paint for a super polished and shiny finish.

Personalise your door mat

Don’t just brush off picking a door mat as yet another boring, functional purchase you’ve got to make. Yeah, it’s there mostly to stop people trekking dirt through your home, but it can also add a huge amount of charm and colour to your entryway.

The Mat Factory provides personalised door mats which they’ll print with a custom message – all you need to do is figure out the perfect, punchy phrase to act as your welcoming hello.

Keep the garden in check

The last thing you want is for your postman and guests to have to battle their way through a jungle to get to the doorbell. You need to keep your garden in check.

Just make sure you leave one or two bright and healthy potted plants on the front step. They’re an extra dash of colour that’ll draw visitors towards your home.

Light it up properly

Outdoor lighting isn’t just good for security, it also helps create an attractive atmosphere to put your visitors at ease before they’ve even stepped through the door.

To save some money on bills, go for solar powered options like these stake lights – they’ll look great dotted alongside your path.

Create a photo gallery

Don’t forget about beautifying your porch, too. You can quickly give a small, cramped hallway a unique and stylish touch by filling the wall space with a mix-and-match gallery.

Print off your favourite photos and some chic prints (Desenio has lots of cheap options), and artfully arrange them to draw people’s eye further inside your home.


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