Ideas Of Neutral Colored Double Room

What does everyone want when they get home? Relax and rest, isn’t it? The best way to have this experience at home is to bet on a double room with neutral colors. 

This type of decoration, light, sober and soft, soothes the senses and provokes a feeling of comfort and well-being. Not to mention that a double room with neutral colors always refers to modern, elegant, and sophisticated environments. And if you want to bet on this idea, but still don’t know how to stay here in this post and follow all the tips we brought to inspire you in decorating your room with neutral colors.

Double room in neutral colors: decorating tips

Color palette

It’s not because the room will be decorated in neutral colors that you don’t need to think about a color palette. She is indispensable in any project.

The first thing is to define what will be the main color, the one that will occupy most of the room, such as walls and floor. Then set a color to break the monochrome, it can be a lighter or a darker one. Finally, it is possible to insert a third neutral color to ensure movement, fluidity, and visual comfort. A good idea is to opt for white as the main color, insert black or gray as the secondary color, and, finally, choose woody tones as the third color option.


Bed linen is the main feature of any bedroom and would be no different in the neutral bedroom.

Here, the objective is to make a bed set with only one color. It can be white, for classic proposals, it can be black, for bold and sophisticated rooms, it can be gray, to reflect modernity or even shades of beige and brown, for those who want to give an extra degree of comfort and coziness.

Betting on tones on tones is also a good option. The top sheet can have a lighter or darker tone compared to bed copper, for example. The most important thing is that you create layers with the trousseau to not make the bed dull and dull.  Use a top sheet, bedcover, or duvet and a footboard or blanket at the foot of the bed to create volume and comfort. Cushions and pillows are also essential and must follow the same palette as the rest of the bed linen to ensure the predominance of neutral tones.


Opt for light-colored furniture for a more classic proposal, such as white, for example. But avoid furniture with more than one color. It is also important to think about the design of the furniture. If you want a room with a modern style, the tip is to choose furniture with straight lines and little visual information.  For rooms with a retro, rustic, or classic proposal, the presence of furniture with details and rounded corners is a good option.

Carpets and curtains

The rugs and curtains bring the comfort and coziness that every room needs.  And believe me, these elements don’t necessarily have to be neutral colors. You can use them as a contrast point in the decoration, but always keeping harmony and respecting the color palette defined at the beginning of the project.

A tip is to use rugs and curtains in shades like military green, petrol blue, or burnt red. Note that, despite being colorful, these colors are no exception and continue to emphasize the modern and elegant style of neutral colors.


Lighting fixtures, paintings, statuettes, vases, pillows, baskets, mirrors, among other decorative accessories, are part of the room’s composition and must be aligned with the neutral color palette. 

To add a focal point or liveliness to the room, try, for example, bringing some items in metallic tones, such as gold and rosé gold. They maintain neutrality while glamorizing the decor.


The icing on the cake in the double bedroom with neutral colors is the lighting.  That’s because neutral colors are valued in the presence of artificially directed lighting and help make the room more comfortable, cozy, and, of course, beautiful. Therefore, do not dispense with ceiling spots, pendant lamps, lampshades, and floor lamps. 

Want more ideas for decorating your master bedroom with neutral colors? So check out these ideas we’ve selected below and get inspired:











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