8 Ideas of Small Double Bedroom You Will Absolutely Love

What would the perfect double room look like for you and your partner – or partner? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that? Amid so many beautiful references that we see there, it is often difficult to define how to set up and decorate the couple’s room, especially if it is small since the size of the environment can cause some aesthetic and functional limitations.

Room Functionality

Before anything, reflect on how space will be used. In some smaller houses and apartments, it is common for the couple’s bedroom to also become the workplace, the study area, in addition to, of course, the perfect environment for sleeping, relaxing, and dating. The first big step in determining how the decor will be is to keep the couple’s needs in mind.

Color Palette

Defined how the fourth part will be used to choose the color palette. This step is essential since the colors previously defined will facilitate the work of decoration and planning of the environment. For small double rooms, the tip is to use light and neutral tones in the base of the decoration to visually increase and brighten the environment. Choose from three to four colors, two of which remain at the base, while the others can be used in detail and smaller decoration objects.

A tip for those who want to set up a small and modern double bedroom is to follow a palette with shades of white and gray at the base, there’s no mistake.

The Bed: The Queen of the Room

Then, it’s time to think about the most important piece of furniture in this space: the bed. This is the most prominent element that makes the room a real room. Take the measurements of the wall where you intend to place the bed and choose a model that fits this space, remembering to leave at least 60 centimeters on the sides on each side to give access to the furniture.

The head of the small double bedroom should preferably be placed horizontally to create a greater sense of space. Another tip is to place mirrors on the remaining part of the headboard wall, besides being beautiful, the mirrors help to enlarge the environment.










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