How To Use The Industrial Table In Your Decor Space

The industrial table is one of the most coveted of the moment, it is everywhere and does not seem to want to leave the scene anytime soon. And even though it stood out in industrial style decoration, the industrial table fits different decorative proposals, which makes it a very versatile and timeless piece.

Come follow the post with us and discover a little more of this incredible piece of decoration.

How to use the industrial table in decoration?

Decorative styles

The industrial table is very easy to work with within the decoration since the industrial style itself has modernity and timelessness as its main characteristic. Because of this, the industrial table goes well with several decorative styles, including industrial, but extending to other modern styles as well, such as Scandinavian, Tumblr, and minimalist.

The industrial table also harmonizes with rustic proposals, as is the case with boho chic.

Burnt cement

Along with the industrial table, you can choose to bring other elements that mark this modern style. One is the burnt cement. The industrial table in contrast to a burnt cement wall looks amazing. In addition to the wall, it is also possible to use burnt cement on the floor.

Filament lamps

Filament lamps are another great companion to the industrial table. This style of lamp offers soft and diffused lighting for the environments, making them more welcoming and cozy.

For the case of an industrial dining table, you can choose to use filament lamps in a modern pendant lamp. In coffee tables or side tables, the filament lamp can be used in table lamps or lamps.


Plants are very common in industrial style decoration and, therefore, super combine with the industrial table. You can use a centerpiece with a vase of foliage or a bulky plant, such as ficus lyrata, for example, next to the table.

Neutral colors

White, black, and gray are the preferred colors of the industrial style, but you don’t have to limit yourself to them to decorate the room with the industrial style table. Earthy tones also fit this proposal well. Therefore, a good suggestion is to paint the wall where the table will be positioned with a different color.

Try it and see the result.


The icing on the industrial table cake is the chairs. For this type of table, some chairs stand out as the preferred ones. This is the case, for example, with the Eames chair. In addition to it, you can also choose the Allegra or Bertoia chair. Another good option is to leave the chair aside and bet on wooden benches.

In living rooms, the industrial coffee table is perfect next to chairs of the Acapulco or Butterfly type. But if it’s a sofa reference you need, then take this tip: put a Chesterfield in contrast to the industrial table. The composition is modern and sophisticated.

Check out more 10 ideas on how to use the industrial table in decoration:












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