How to Use the Gerbera Flower in Decorative Spaces

Joy and high spirits are with herself: the gerbera. This colorful and energetic flower has conquered the world of decoration. Today, the gerbera is the fifth most commercialized flower in the world and you certainly must be wanting to take one home too, right?

But before you run to the florist, take a look at this post. We brought tips to help you care, grow and use gerbera in the decoration. Come and see.

How to care for the gerbera: tips for the flower to last longer

Most of the time, gerbera is used as a cut flower in solitary floral arrangements or conjunction with other flowers. So you must learn to take care of the flower so that it lasts longer and, consequently, decorates your home for a longer time.

The first tip, in this case, is to ensure that the pot is in a place protected from direct sunlight and wind currents. The best place for her, therefore, is near a window. The second care is with water. You must change the water every two days. Every time you make this change, take the time to cut the flower’s stem, preferably diagonally. This way, the flower can better absorb the water and it will take longer to wither.

If you notice that some petals have fallen into the water in the vase, remove them to prevent the proliferation of fungi.

How to use gerbera daisy in decoration

Gerbera is beautiful anywhere! But even so, some tips always go well, don’t they? So, you can write it down:

  • The light-colored gerberas, such as white and yellow, create sophisticated and elegant arrangements, combining very well with classic, modern and minimalist decorations.
  • The warmest shades of gerbera, in turn, such as yellow, orange, and red, are perfect for cheerful and uncluttered decorations, such as those of the rustic and boho style.
  • The gerbera arrangements can be made with flowers of different colors to bring that air of field flowers into the decoration.
  • Gerbera daisy also accepts arrangements of the same or similar shades, creating a very charming gradient effect.
  • Do you want to mix the gerbera with other flowers? Perfect! The gerbera is very friendly and gets along with different species, from those most similar to it, like the sunflower, to different species of everything, like the peony, for example.
  • The solitary arrangements of gerberas are also very popular and it is not for less. They are elegant, simple, and cheerful at the same time. And if you don’t have a solitary vase you can improvise one using a glass bottle.
  • To give more sophistication to the arrangement, prefer glass vases, but if the idea is to bring modernity to the decoration, use metal or concrete vases. For romantic and delicate arrangements, ceramic vases are the best option.

Want more gerbera decorating ideas? Then come take a look at the selection of images we’ve selected below and get inspired:










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