How To Use In Decoration The Black And White Carpet

Timeless, stylish, elegant, and beyond versatile. The black and white carpet is all that and more. It fits in different spaces, decorative proposals, and, of course, in all pockets as well. After all, nowadays, it is possible to buy a black and white rug at very affordable prices.

And if this charming duo also makes up your mind, then come check out each beautiful idea that we separate to inspire you to have a black and white rug in your home.

Black and white carpet: How to use it in decoration

The combination of black and white is a classic, whether in fashion or interior design. The duo never leaves the scene and it is always possible to add a contemporary touch to the composition. When planning an environment with black and white carpet, however, it is necessary to pay attention to some details, after all, the carpet is a large and prominent element, but it does not reign supreme in the decoration. He shares his attention with other objects and for that very reason, he needs to be in harmony with everything around him.

Here are some sure tips for not making a mistake in decorating with black and white carpet.

Decorative styles

The black and white rug talks very well with all kinds of decorative proposals. That’s right! It can be used in modern, classic, industrial, retro, rustic, minimalist environments, etc., etc., etc.

What makes the difference is the pattern and material of the rug. A rustic or boho-style setting, for example, talks very well with a black and white crochet rug or natural fiber. To complement the proposal, insert wooden furniture and a palette of neutral and raw tones into the environment. Already in a classic environment, the symmetrical prints and with a “clean” appearance gain more prominence. Here, next to the B&W rug, it is worth betting on noble materials such as marble and in shades that add luxury and sophistication, such as gold, rosé gold, and silver.

In contrast, striped B&W rugs are a great complement to retro-styled spaces, especially if it comes combined with a color palette that includes green, yellow, red and blue. Modern and minimalist spaces are always more beautiful with geometric B&W rugs. In the first case, it is worth adding even more value to the carpet with a palette of bright and cheerful colors for the rest of the environment. But if your line is soberer, in a minimal style, then continue on the B&W palette that is also a success.

But if the intention is to cause that buzz, the black and white carpet with animal print maybe your best option. To dare, even more, invest in furniture that brings luxury, such as a Luiz XV armchair or a well-decorated recamier. A charming chandelier on the ceiling also helps to close the ensemble.











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