How to Perfectly Arrange Your Balcony for Spring?

In recent weeks, you have spent a lot of time at home and have been able to fully enjoy your balcony. However, in terms of decor and layout, that’s not really it.

Since sunny days are coming and because we will probably continue to spend time at home, we told ourselves that a small article to decorate your balcony should please you! Take a look at our balcony decor ideas and tips for a pleasant and charming balcony!

1. Plants for a plant balcony

For starters, if you want a balcony that looks like a real little garden, we recommend placing plants everywhere. Depending on the exposure of your outdoor space, many solutions are available to you.

So, for a sunny balcony, you can opt for Mediterranean plants. Lavender, Santolina, rosemary, or even helichrysum will withstand heat perfectly and allow you to enjoy a scent evoking the holidays.


For a balcony less exposed to the sun’s rays, choose heather earth plants. Skimmia japonica or wintergreen will be very good choices.

Finally, if you want enough space to create a small vegetable patch, don’t hesitate to install one on your balcony. Indeed, you will be able to grow small fruits and vegetables while vegetating your outdoor space.

2. Armchairs or an ottoman for more comfort

After the plants, in order to enjoy your balcony on sunny days, do not hesitate to add some pretty seats. You can choose between an outdoor armchair, a giant ottoman, or even a small Chilean.

Side armchair, you can choose one of these pretty rattan models that we see everywhere now. This will give your balcony a particularly trendy, bohemian, and vintage touch.


If you don’t want an armchair but prefer something more relaxed, don’t hesitate to opt for a giant pouf. You can then bask there to enjoy the sun or read a good book.

Finally, those who want a seaside atmosphere on their balcony can install a pretty Chilean. Very affordable, this fabric and wood deckchair will be perfect to give a summer vacation side to your balcony!

3. Lighting and decorative accessories for a cocooning balcony

Finally, to finalize the decoration of your balcony, you can add here and there pretty lights and other decorative accessories.

In terms of lighting, I admit that I have a little preference for outdoor garlands. I especially like the guinguette models which are capable of bringing a very cocooning note after dark.



For accessories, we advise you to play the card of the accumulation of cushions and rugs to bring the heat on your balcony. In particular, you can easily find pretty outdoor rugs in most home decor stores. These deniers have the advantage of resisting water and the sun’s rays!


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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