How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinet Step by Step

Get ready because in today’s post pots will roll! That’s because you will finally learn how to organize your kitchen cabinet and get rid of that mess once and for all when preparing meals. Ready to start?

Before you start complaining that this is one of the most boring chores out there, we have a tip: put your playlist to play and turn this mission into something more exciting and fun. After that, just follow the step by step below, starting with the full x-ray of your kitchen.

Small kitchen vs. a large kitchen

Following the idea of ​​the previous topic a little, but this time being a little more specific.

So, if you have a small kitchen, make the most of the vertical space, that is, use niches, shelves and overhead cabinets instead of small furniture on the floor. It is also important to prioritize the optimization of spaces, occupying the gaps under the counter, for example.

Another useful tip is to use everyday utensils hanging on the wall, such as shells, skimmers, and tongs. Pans can also gain air space, as in gourmet kitchens. The knives can be placed on the sink counter inside supports, as well as the spice jars (if you have space for that).

If you have customized knives like Damascus Knives | Elevate Your Cutting Game, you can also add a magnetic strip on the wall to hang them. So you decorate and organize at the same time. If your kitchen is large, choose the ordered arrangement of objects according to the type of use. For example, pans are closer to the stove, while glasses and plates are closer to the table or counter, making it easier to access and use.

So you decorate and organize at the same time. If your kitchen is large, choose the ordered arrangement of objects according to the type of use. For example, pans are closer to the stove, while glasses and plates are closer to the table or counter, making it easier to access and use.

But, even if your kitchen is large, do not overdo the number of things.

Plan your storage day

Another key tip is to plan the day of organizing the cabinets. Take a day just to do this, you will see that it will be much less stressful. Also, prefer to tidy up your cabinets on a sunny day, so the cabinets dry more easily and you can leave the windows wide open to air all your things.

Empty the cabinets


Every self-respecting organization starts with emptying the cupboards. All of them, including the drawers, okay? Make space on the table to place all your utensils, crockery, and cutlery. If you have a buffet, china cabinet, or other pieces of furniture that you use to store dishes, empty them too. It is important to have all your dishes and kitchen objects in view to ensure an impeccable organization. 

After you’ve emptied everything in the cupboards, start cleaning. For this, count on the help of a soft cloth. A good tip is to make a solution of water with white vinegar or water with baking soda. This mix is ​​perfect for cleaning, disinfecting, and eliminating odors from inside the cabinet. To apply it just wet the cloth and rub the inside of the shelves, drawers, and also the doors (don’t forget the doors).

If you notice the presence of any dirt that is more difficult to remove, use a sponge (it can be dishwashing) with detergent. Is everything clean and smelling? Now, wait for the cabinets to dry completely. But in the meantime, we have another task for you, see below.

Donate, recycle or trash

While your cabinets dry, go to the dishes and utensils on the table and start separating what you use, what you don’t even know what it is for and what is broken or no longer useful. Place the pieces you use in a separate corner. Crockery and utensils that you do not use or that do not serve you anymore donate to someone who may be in need.

Now let’s talk about the pots. If you are the type that has pots escaping through the closet door, then stop and reflect on their usefulness. Is it really necessary to make collections of plastic pots? Can’t you just keep the ones you use frequently daily? Have pots of varying sizes and shapes to meet your daily needs, but nothing more. The excess of this type of utensil can be stealing precious space in your cabinets and causing the biggest confusion when looking for something.

A tip: to have no doubts whether you really should donate or not, ask yourself how long you haven’t used that object. Has it been stopped for at least a year? So you can get rid of him because the chances of him going another year without use are very high.

The stained, broken, cracked parts deserve special attention. Some of them, especially glass and ceramic ones, must be discarded since they cannot be fixed. Already those with spots or small damages, you can choose to stay with them or donate, but before that see if they will be used. Appliances also deserve extra attention. Analyze what you use. Nowadays it is very common to find specific devices for everything, such as cupcake machines, omelets, popcorn makers and so on.

See what you need and be honest in your assessment. What just serves to take up space, donate. For the electrons that need repair, do the maintenance, and put them to use again. The important thing here is to be very clear about what you need daily and discard what you do not need.

However, it is worth a caveat. There are certain types of crockery, cutlery, bowls, and glasses that are used only on special days, a few times a year. In that case, keep the parts.

Separate by categories


Now that you know what to keep, it’s time to organize everything into categories.

Separate glasses, plates, cutlery, cooking accessories, cups and mugs, dessert cups, plastic pots, glass pots, serving dishes and pans, pots, appliances, and whatever else you have in the kitchen. Then, within each of these categories, make a new separation, only this time assessing what you use daily, what you rarely use.


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