How To Make Halloween Pumpkin

How many pumpkins do you make a Halloween with? Lots of! After all, this is the main symbol of the witches’ party. Impossible not to relate one thing to another. That’s why the Halloween pumpkin can’t be missing from your party.

And to inspire you in Halloween decor, we’ve brought you tips, ideas, and tutorials for you to make the scariest Halloween pumpkin ever. Come and see.

What’s the story about the Halloween pumpkin?

Believe it or not, Halloween pumpkins were once turnips! Like this?

Halloween, contrary to what most people imagine, is not an American celebration. It originated in Celtic culture, in what is now Ireland. At that time, centuries and centuries ago, the Celtic people celebrated the end of summer and the beginning of winter in a festival called Samhai. At the time, the Celts believed that the spirits of the dead were allowed to return to earth. Therefore, during the festival, the Celts wore masks to chase away evil spirits and made turnip lanterns to light the path of the dead.

But when the Irish arrived in American lands, back in the 19th century, they didn’t find turnips. Only pumpkins! And then you can imagine, right? The way was to improvise.

How to Make Halloween Pumpkin

There are two ways to make a typical Halloween pumpkin. The first one is painting, ideal for those who have little time or few manual skills. The other way is carving the pumpkin. This process takes longer, but it’s well worth it once you recreate the original Halloween pumpkin with the flashlight and all.

Check out the step-by-step instructions for making both types of pumpkin, then just decide which one you prefer. Look that.

Painted Halloween pumpkin

To make the painted Halloween pumpkin you will first need a pumpkin (of course!). Other than that, also have a mold of eyes and mouths for pumpkin on hand. You can find it easily on the internet. You will also need a permanent-type pen to draw the design and acrylic paint to finish the job. Start by cutting out the mold, leaving it hollow. Tape the mold to the pumpkin and paint the entire inside.

Remove the mold and finish painting the design with acrylic paint. Ready! In the end, you can spice up your pumpkin with other elements, such as a hat, wig, and whatever else matches your Halloween decor.

Carved Halloween pumpkin

But if it’s an original pumpkin and with the face of the Halloween gringo you want, then invest in the carved pumpkin. Despite being a little more labor-intensive and requiring certain skills, it rewards the final look. To make this pumpkin you will also need to scratch a mold to drive the cut.

Then just get your best knife and start making the cuts with precision. Don’t forget to place a candle or lamp inside the pumpkin. Check out the following tutorial and see how to make a Halloween pumpkin worthy of scaring a lot of people. Want more ideas on how to make Halloween pumpkin? So take a look at the 50 images we’ve separated to inspire your party.

Want more ideas on how to make a Halloween pumpkin? So take a look at the 10 images we’ve separated to inspire your party.












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