How To Have A Good Sleep In Your Bedroom?

Getting good sleep is essential for feeling well and being healthy. The layout of your room, appropriate rituals, and good habits will be essential to obtain a night of restful sleep.

This requires a relaxing atmosphere, an arrangement conducive to relaxation, special lighting, sleeping clothes, colors, etc. Today, we are going to see how to create an atmosphere conducive to sleep, whether for decoration or in your daily life.

Have a comfortable bed

To sleep well, the first essential thing is to have a bed worthy of the name. It will be the central element of your room and your well-being. We spend a third of our lives in our bed, so we might as well feel good there.

It must therefore be chosen with care with the mattress and the box spring. Think of a firm mattress with soft comfort, to have good support but more comfort with softness. Or take the mattress topper option! We also take the time to opt for a comfortable box spring. Prefer a model that lets the mattress breathe well, a little raised.

A minimalist layout

The bedroom must above all be a space of well-being. Without the room is large, it must above all be uncluttered and uncluttered. Creating a soft little cocoon is perfect for sleeping well. Choose a room with beautiful natural light, and away from noises that can interfere with your sleep. Choose a medium-sized room, with beautiful natural light and especially away from noises that interfere with your sleep.

Remove anything that could be distracting for restful sleep, for example, piles of clothes, books everywhere, etc. Favor closed storage to minimize visual clutter.

Soothing colors

Colors have a real impact on humans and even more so on sleep and its quality. We know that some colors invite relaxation while others will be more energizing. For the bedroom, we will favor slightly cold colors, and pastel shades see nude. This is what will help slow down his breathing, relax and unwind. We avoid hot colors (red, orange, yellow) !! If you still want to add touches of color, bet of course on accessories and bed linen (cushions, posters, notebooks, plaids).

The orientation of the bed

Another very important point for sleeping well in your bedroom is the orientation of the bed! It is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so you have to take care of its orientation. In general, avoid placing it between a door and a window, between two windows, under a window and diagonally, without support against a wall. Depending on the size of the bedrooms, when the bedroom is small it may be appropriate to place the bed at an angle to promote circulation. If you have large windows, your best bet is to place them facing them.

And finally, according to certain Feng Shui principles, the bed must be oriented North if you want to have restful nights, to the East for an energetic awakening, and especially not to place the bed facing the door.

The idea to remember is the circulation of the room and the absence of unnecessary distraction.

Think about the light

Everyone has their habits when it comes to light for sleeping. Some need a room in complete darkness, others need light. With or without shutters, you will see what suits you the most.

Finally, when you’re not asleep, you don’t need too much lighting to keep your sleep out. We, therefore, do not take a ceiling light for the bedroom, or at least we choose a light and soft light intensity. It is best to favor indirect lightings such as bedside lamps or garlands for a subdued atmosphere.

Simple rituals

Even if you have perfectly furnished your room, you will also need to perform simple rituals to bring you into the arms of Morpheus. Don’t put a television in the bedroom, turn down the airwaves too. Leave the screens behind before going to bed. Favor a book, mediation, or gentle yoga.

A good bath can help prepare you for sleep.

You can also place a candle on your bedside table, put a lavender mist or even have a stone that will help you sleep. Cytotherapy can be a good ally for sleep.

Perfect temperature and ventilation

Finally, we end this article with one last thing. Ventilation is essential when planning the layout of your room. Good ventilation and fresher air will help you get better sleep. It is, therefore, necessary to take care to limit the humidity in the room and also to regulate the temperature which must be between 15 C ° and 22 C °. Too much heat can interfere with your sleep.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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