How To Furnish A Small Bedroom?

You can sleep in a small bedroom and furnish it with style: all you have to do is follow a few rules for a practical, clever and stunning bedroom. Good reflexes to furnish your room if it does not exceed 10 m2? Bet on modular furniture, play with reflections and colours for the bedroom, optimize every nook and cranny and above all, favour small formats and avoid overloading in terms of decoration.

1. Bet on 2 in 1 furniture

To save space in your small bedroom, choose ultra-smart and practical furniture that transforms hides storage space or fulfils several functions. You can opt for a bed with drawers or a headboard with storage, a loft bed, a retractable bed or opt for a 3-in-1, modular bed, which will serve as a bed, desk and chest of drawers. It is also possible to favour a single bed or a nice convertible sofa, to save space in a small bedroom. However, we do not skimp on the quality of the mattress!

2. Create mirror sets

It is well known, that to enlarge a room, we focus on reflections that will create depth. For this, we reserve a place for a large mirror, to be fixed to the wall to keep the floor surface free. This creates an illusion of space in the bedroom and allows you to create a dressing area or dressing table. If possible, install it in a strategic place in the room so that it catches the light. An accessory that is both decorative and cunning to furnish your small bedroom.

3. Adopt light colours

To catch the light and enlarge the space, bet everything on light shades. Whether for walls, floors or furniture, opt for light colours: white, off-white, cream, beige, and pearl grey. Take the opportunity to use this shade on your bed linen, rugs and curtains to create a cosy bedroom. As for cosy accessories (bed throws, cushions, bed rugs ), we dare to accumulate, them as long as we stay within a bright colour chart.

4. Invest in every corner of the room

Is your small bedroom quirky, in the attic? If it may seem difficult to furnish, think again, these nooks offer you multiple possibilities for development. Bet on sloping areas to create storage in the attic and thus save space, install a dressing room, a library with a reading corner, wedge in toy boxes and trunks on wheels. Track down the smallest usable square meters to nest storage to declutter your small room by not overloading it with an overly large wardrobe!

5. Conquer the walls of your bedroom

No question of giving up storage on the pretext that the room is too small. Simply, get high. Skip the bedside table and instead attach a thin shelf to the wall above the bed (which you can stick against the wall to save space). You can also decorate the top of your headboard for a designer bedroom! In terms of organization, bet on shelves and shallow cubes so as not to suffocate the room but to benefit from numerous storage surfaces. To create an impression of space, bet on continuity in the colour of all these elements.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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