How To decorate Your Baby’s Room In Neutral Colors

No pink, no blue. The ball of the moment is the neutral baby room. A modern option, unisex and far from the clichés that surround the world of children’s decor.

Even having as a premise the idea of ​​“less is more”, the neutral baby room is still comfortable, cosy and, of course, super cute and beautiful.

Let’s go check out the beautiful tips and inspirations we brought you? 

Neutral baby room decor

Define a colour palette

Defining a colour palette is the first step toward neutral baby room decor. From there it is easier to decide which furniture to use, rugs, curtains, and bedding, among other details. Because it is a neutral room, the tip is to invest in colours that are also neutral. For a baby’s room, however, light and neutral colours are ideal.

Following this line, you can bet on neutral baby room colours like these:

  • White;
  • White tones;
  • Light grey;
  • Brown and light woody tones;

In addition to these colours that are perfect at the base of the decoration, it is still worth betting on a little more vivid colours, so the baby’s room is not too dull or monotonous. For this, invest in colours like:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange

However, in order not to escape the proposal, always prefer light tones, such as pastels, for example.

As the idea is to maintain neutrality, but without losing the playful side of this type of decoration, make compositions between neutral colours and other colours, using, for example, a colour palette with white, yellow and grey.

Create a style

Just because the baby’s room is neutral doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to have a decorative style. On the contrary. You can opt for a more modern, classic or rustic decor.

Among the modern decorations that are on the rise for the baby room, we can mention the Scandinavian and industrial styles. For a rustic style, the boho room is a great choice.

Less is more

The neutral baby room is closely related to modern decor. Because of this, the modernist maxim of “less is more” ends up being widely applied in this type of environment. She suggests using only essential furniture and objects, such as a dresser and wardrobe, a crib, a nursing chair and a few decorative items.

It is important to emphasize this idea, precisely because within the universe of children’s decoration there are dozens of items that are pushed to parents, as something of extreme importance and which in most cases are not. With this, you can run the risk of overcrowding the room, making it uncomfortable and visually unappealing.

Remember that the most important thing for the baby is the comfort and affection of the parents.

Check out how the 10 beautiful neutral baby room decor inspirations to fall in love with:











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