How to Decorate and Arrange the Small Yet Stylish Entrance in Your Home?

The entrance is a space in the house that we like, whether it is to talk to you about decoration or landscaping. It is a space apart. We just go through it and ideally it must be practical. The air of nothing, we all have a lot of things to store and the problem is to find the right balance between storage and aesthetics. This problem is all the more true in the context of a small entrance of a few square meters. So how to arrange and decorate a small entrance? 

How to Successfully Design a Small Entrance?

1. Keep Only the Essentials So As Not to Clutter Your Small Entrance

Before looking more carefully at the different pieces of furniture that can make up the layout and layout of your hallway, it is essential to start by sorting and choosing only what is essential. Do not use your hallway to store shoes and coats that are not used daily. It would clutter you for not much and the clutter when you have small parts, it is not a luxury that you can afford.

2. Storage of Coats in a Small Hall

We start with the storage of coats and jackets. We advise you to choose your piece of furniture which will be used to store the coats, taking into consideration winter coats. They are much bulkier than the small jackets that are sometimes used in summer. For small entrances, several storage solutions can be considered:
The coat hook is interesting because it hangs directly on the wall, it does not clutter the floor space. Many choices allow you to find a model that matches both the decorative style of your room and the space that is available to you. You can also choose several unique coat hooks and place them at different heights on the wall. This solution is interesting when you have children. With this solution, they can hang their coat themselves when they get home.
The wardrobe/cloakroom is possible in a small space especially when you cannot pierce the walls as you wish. Some wardrobes are more minimalist than others in appearance. We are going to avoid a model that imitates wrought iron with a lot of details for example. Visually, it will be much heavier than a more contemporary model with clean forms.
The coat rack on foot is interesting in a small entrance when you have an angle that is not used much, the angle behind the entrance door for example. Just be careful not to overload it with the coats. Empty, it can be very space-saving. You might as well keep this property as much as possible.

3. Shoe Storage for a Small Entrance 

Another piece of furniture that is often found in the entrance and which is very practical: the shoe cabinet. There is something for all tastes and all entry sizes. For a small entry, here are the different types of shoe cabinets that you can use:

  • The shoe rack is generally very compact, it fits easily under a wall coat rack or a wall shelf. However, most models of shoe racks are open.
  • The shoe cabinet that attaches to the wall is a little lighter because you have to remove the base.
  • The shoe cabinet that replaces the console – Even if the console is a lighter piece of furniture, storage level, it does not help much. It is important in a small space to see the practical side before thinking about aesthetics. The shoe cabinet will be more useful to you than a simple console. And it is always possible to decorate the top of the shoe cabinet just as you would for a console

4. Bright Colors for a Small Entrance 

Let’s move on to the decoration and in particular the color that we will essentially find on the walls of your small entrance. Light colors tend to enlarge the space. Also, it would be a shame to combine small space and lack of clarity, so choose a color that illuminates your room. White is not the only solution. We opted for white because it is simple and it highlights the materials that make up furniture, for example. We can also think of neutral and clear colors. Do not choose a shade that is too dark. The association of white with a brighter color in a tiny touch is also a possibility for your entry.

5. The Mirror to Enlarge The Space 

To accentuate the visual feeling of space, the mirror is a really interesting decorative element. He decorates the wall and space without making tons of them. We like round mirrors which are very trendy at the moment. The roundness is sufficient in itself, so we can choose a simple frame. If sticking to the trend doesn’t interest you, you can choose several mirrors in the same style without being identical and place them above your console or shoe cabinet. They will dress the wall in several places, it will not be necessary to add other elements to decorate the wall.

6. The Carpet in a Small Entrance 

When you have a larger entry, it does not pose any problem to add a carpet. When there are small spaces, care must be taken not to overload the room. The carpet does not take up space but visually it will reduce the floor space.

Now, we have some ideas for your entrance that we would love to present to you! We hope these will help you and sparkle your creativity:











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