How To Decorate A Small Lobby?

There’s nothing like arriving home and being greeted by a small entrance hall, beautiful and full of love to give. Yes, small yes! After all, it is more than possible to maintain the functionality of a lobby in a few (very few) square meters. We’ll tell you how to do this next.

What is a lobby?

The entrance hall is a reception and reception space on arrival at the house. This space can be either a specific environment, created solely and exclusively for this purpose, or even be an integral part of another pre-existing space such as the living room, for example. The main function of the hall is to receive residents and visitors when arriving and leaving the house. This is where you check and put the final touches on your look before you leave and put your keys in as you enter.

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entrance hall ended up gaining another very important function: serving as a space for hand and shoe hygiene before entering other environments.

The hall can also be used to put on masks, a bottle of alcohol gel, and a change of clothes.

Small lobby decor: tips and ideas to get inspired

You already know what to have in the small lobby, don’t you? So now it’s time to organize all of this in a beautiful and practical decoration. See the tips.

Choose a style

Start by setting a style for your lobby decor. It can be classic, modern, boho, rustic, and whatever else you find beautiful. What really counts is having this definition in mind to help you continue the decor. That’s because with the decor style defined, it’s easier to decide which colors to use, which materials to choose, among other details.

One more important thing: if your entrance hall is located in another area of ​​the house, such as the living room, for example, the decoration must be in harmony with that other space. Create a visual identity, even if the colors used are different.

Mark the hall area

Almost always, a small entrance hall integrates other environments. Therefore, it is interesting to demarcate the area that belongs to the hall in some way, creating a visual limitation, but without dividing. For that, you can use a different painting on the wall, forming geometric designs, for example. Another option is to form a kind of cube by painting the walls, ceiling, and floor in the same color.

You can also mark the hall with some wall texture. A good option is a 3D plasterboard.

Bring personality to space

The entrance hall is the first contact with your home. And he needs to impress. Therefore, a good tip is to use objects and accessories that convey the residents’ personalities and personal tastes.

Decorate with functionality

The decor of the small lobby needs to be smart not to take up more space than it needs to. In this sense, it is worth betting on objects that fulfill two functions at the same time: decorating and practical.

For example, the bag you wear every day can be a beautiful decorative ornament by leaving it exposed on the coat rack. The same goes for the umbrella and the hat.

Think about circulation

Never take the circulation area of ​​the entrance hall by impeding or hindering the passage, especially if your entrance hall is of the small and narrow type. The minimum recommended area for good circulation is 0.90 centimeters. Therefore, when choosing a bench, a shelf, or even a vase, make sure that this measure will be preserved.

Use plants

How can we talk about decorating a small lobby and not talk about plants? There are two sides to the same coin! If the hall is narrow, prefer hanging plants that don’t take up space on the floor and don’t get in the way, such as pythons and ivy.

Colors with effect

Use the colors to your advantage when decorating the lobby. For example, if you want to enhance lighting, use light colors on the walls. But if the intention is to lengthen the height of the right foot, make a half wall with a dark color on the bottom and light color on the top. To add depth, just paint the side walls.


Frames are always welcome decorative elements, anywhere. But in the lobby, the paintings are even more prominent, as they are the opportunity to express the residents’ personalities.


The small entrance hall can and should have differentiated lighting, not only for its aesthetic potential but also for its functionality. After all, having a backup light when you get home makes all the difference.

You can bring this “up” to your hall lighting from wall fixtures, otherwise known as sconces, or even floor fixtures. It is also worth having a table lamp or table lamp.


The sideboard is often one of the most popular lobby furniture around. The sideboard can organize different objects and also serves as a decorative piece. At the bottom, you can still put a bench or puff to use when changing shoes. To gain space, prefer those narrow.


This piece, among other functions, can be used to place keys, especially if you hang hooks at the bottom. Try using it also to complete the decoration, supporting paintings, and plants.

Check out now the following wonderful small lobby decor ideas to get inspired and do too:











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