How to Create a French Bathroom

French decor is one of the most romantic decors especially when it comes to the bathroom space. Are you ready for your bathroom to ooze style, romance, sophistication and elegance? Just imagine starting your morning off in Parisian chic or maybe the quite charm of Provence. Who wouldn’t want this?

That’s why we have some tips to help you turn your bath into a warm and romantic retreat with all the elegance decor French style brings. The French charming bathroom has been considered to be another important room which is decorated the same way as the rest of the house.

Just don’t forget that French decorating is a way of life that pleases the eye. Curtains are chosen for charm, and not a mildew resistance. Also the mirrors are pure elegance that bright the space, so you might have to change your way of thinking when it comes to French decor.

As you will see from the following images, one of the best ways to achieve French look in your bath is to invest in a wonderful french style tub. It will definitely be in the focal point that will simply dictate the rest of the styling in the room, no matter if decorated in Parisian or Chateau style.

Look at the following inspirations of charming French baths you are going to absolutely adore!

1. Country French or Provencal Style

Source Unknown

This wonderful bath has more of a charming earthy appeal. The modern storage shelves have been replaced with an antique piece like the armoire that gives an authentic feel to the space as well.

2. Classic French Look

To achieve this look you should implement antique-style pieces that will enhance the look and your French bathroom will look more authentic if you follow this plan of decorating it. You can also get an oriental carpet for the floor in the bath.


The shutters on the windows can be an beautiful and easy alternative to curtains.



6. Traditional French Bathroom



Jack & Susan Arnold




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