How to Clean a Rug Like a Pro: 6 Tips

Rugs are elements that can effortlessly change the ambiance of a room. Whether to fill an empty floor and give it life or add a burst of color to a dull room, rugs are a great addition to any space. They also offer a range of benefits, including adding warmth to your home and dampening noise. No matter the purpose, a rug is a great addition to a house and usually becomes the finishing touch.

Why You Need a Rug in Your Room

Enhances Decor

Rugs come in various colors, shapes, designs, and textures. And so, they can easily enhance the current decor of any room. You can make a bold statement with a whimsical or bright rug, while a neutral palette rug can complement a room. If your floor is too light, a dark rug can also balance the colors.

Welcomes Visitors

Rugs act like ushers, welcoming guests to your cozy home. When you put rugs in an entryway, bathroom entrance or living room, they create a subtle visual divider, separating one area of the house from another.

Increases Safety

A rug can act as a cushioning surface, providing protection for crawling toddlers and preventing slips and falls for kids and adults alike.

But like all furniture, rugs can get dirty. So, it’s important to keep them clean for aesthetic and health reasons. Ideally, you should deep clean your carpets and rugs at least once a year to keep them fresh, odor- and stain-free.

Six Tips on How to Clean a Rug

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to fancy cleaning equipment or professional services. These easy and simple methods will teach you how to clean a rug properly:

Clear the Furniture and Remove Objects from the Rug

Clear any item on the rug. Take the rug outside to clean it and remove the dirt thoroughly. Use plenty of water. Place or hang the rug under the sun for quick drying.

Remove Soil and Particles

Use a suction-only vacuum to effectively remove the tiniest of dust and dirt while being gentle on the rug fibers. Vacuum the rug on both sides to ensure 101% cleaning. A vacuum cleaner with a beater bar is most effective for this task.

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Don’t use shampoo or carpet cleaners on your rugs because these may contain fiber-damaging chemicals. Opt for rug shampoos, a gentle dish detergent blended with lukewarm water for synthetic fibers. For wool rugs, use cold water. Try a small amount on its corner to check for colorfastness before proceeding.

Wash, Rinse, and Remove Excess Water

Apply the cleaning solution with a soft brush, creating foam on the rug. Count to 300 before thoroughly rinsing with clean water.

Ensure all cleaning solutions are completely removed. Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove excess water from the rug and speed up drying.

Dry the Rug

Place the rug flat and let the upper surface air dry thoroughly. Afterward, turn it over to dry the underside. Ensure the rug is entirely dry before placing it back in the house.

Revive the Rug’s Texture

Once the rug is completely dry, use a vacuum set in a low power or a soft-bristled brush to revive its texture and lift any compressed or flattened fibers.

In summary

Cleaning a rug is manageable. With the right equipment and technique, you can restore your rug to its former glory. But if you have large area rugs, or if yours is an heirloom, you can always hire a professional rug cleaner.

These guys can restore an old rug completely blacked out by grime and dirt, while keeping its texture and colors. Sometimes, they may even bring out more of its features and return your rug looking brand new.

About the Author

Tony Kantzavelos is the CEO of Love Your Rug, a carpet and rug cleaning company established in 1984. Love Your Rug has 10,000 square feet of rug cleaning and repair facilities strategically located in East and West Toronto.


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