How To Choose Your Chest Of Drawers

Perfect piece of furniture for organizing your clothes in the bedroom, it allows you to gain additional storage space in addition to your dressing room. Learn how to choose the right chest of drawers to bring style and functionality to your interior.

A versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture

This type of furniture is most often found in the bedroom. We then appreciate slipping her lingerie into the drawers and sheltering her pretty sweaters from dust. But, the chest of drawers is also an excellent ally in a wide hallway. It makes it possible to bring elegance and personality to it. While in your telecommuting space, especially if you’re a creative, its many boxes and shelves protect your supplies.

Finally, in the living room, it plays the role of a console to display its decorative objects while being able to accommodate your precious crockery. So, we display our trinkets on the upper shelf and protect our precious porcelain. Less imposing than the dresser, the chest of drawers will therefore allow your festive tableware collection to be well protected while remaining easily available.

The dresser then fulfills many functions. This clever piece of furniture can also take on different roles during its life depending on your needs. It can go from a chest of drawers equipped with a changing table for the baby’s room to a storage unit when your child grows up, for example. So, to ensure its longevity, you have to know how to select the piece of furniture that best suits your lifestyle.

Choose your chest of drawers between the different types of storage available

Most often, it is a rectangular piece of furniture, quite imposing and equipped with drawers. Nevertheless, with modern aesthetics and the many diversions, it sometimes changes silhouette and organization system. We then discover models equipped with hinged doors that hide shelves or even furniture mixing drawers and shelves. Doors maximize storage space. Also, it is particularly suitable for the children’s room. Indeed, drawers can be dangerous if your little one likes to handle his things. He could get his fingers caught in it. The doors are lighter. They, therefore, allow the youngest to easily gain autonomy in the manner of the Montessori method.

Choosing the right chest of drawers: height and format

The height of your furniture will therefore mainly depend on whether or not you want to have a tray to put decorations on.

In general, in a wide hallway, it seems preferable to choose a classic model so as not to break the harmony but also to let the light, which is often restricted in this room, slip through.

In the bedroom as in the creative workshop or the office, it also depends on the location of the piece of furniture. If your chest of drawers takes pride of place in the center of a wall, it is more elegant to choose a classic, fairly low design. While if you put it in a corner to save storage, the narrow and slender piece of furniture will be more suitable.

Finally, you must also ask yourself the question of the feet. If it is high enough, perched on the pin feet, for example, you will have less difficulty vacuuming or mopping. The dust bunnies will then have more difficulty invading your room compared to a retro chest of drawers with low, circular legs. But you can also opt for a form entirely devoid of feet. Then you won’t have any maintenance problems. However, this type of chest of drawers is visually more imposing, so it should be avoided in small rooms.










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