How To Choose The Side Table That You’ve Always Wanted For Your Home

Can you live without a high side table in the decor? Yes, it does, but it makes all the difference, it does.

This small piece of furniture is not an extremely necessary item, being considered by designers and architects as a “decorative complement”. But when well positioned and in the right environment, the side table not only complements the decor with great charm but also adds a lot of functionality to the environment.

Check out the tips and inspirations we’ve separated below and see how to choose the perfect high side table for your home.

High side table: tips for choosing the ideal model

Size and available space

How much space do you have available to place the high side table? There are numerous models to suit the most varied space configurations.

If the room is small, consider a tall, narrow side table. With a little more space, you can opt for a high round side table, for example. What’s important is that the high side table is sized in proportion to the room so that it looks like it was designed for the location.

Otherwise, the table looks like a piece of furniture that is “leftover” and ended up going anywhere.

Environment and functionality

The environment the high side table will be in is also very important in helping you choose the best model.

That’s because, from this information, you can define the functionality of the side table. In living rooms, for example, a high side table is always a good option to accompany the corner of the sofa and serve as support for the TV remote control.

In the bedrooms, the high side table is great when positioned beside the bed, serving as an alternative to the traditional bedside table and as great support for the book you are reading, cell phone, and glasses.

Table style

When choosing the high side table, also take into account the style of your decor. For modern environments, prefer high side tables in materials such as glass and metal.

In classic environments, on the other hand, side tables with marble tops and wooden bases are great options.

For those who prefer more rustic environments, it is worth investing in the demolition of wood tables, for example. But if you like simple decor, the tip is to invest in creating high side tables. A fairy crate, a pile of books, or an old suitcase are good examples of creative tables.

Want more decor ideas with the high side table? So check out these 9 more inspiring images we’ve separated for you:











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