How To Choose The Most Beautiful and Useful Bedside Table

You know that thing you only miss when you realize you don’t have it? Well, that’s what happens with the bedside table. You’ll only miss her when you don’t have a backup to put your cell phone on overnight. This small piece of furniture is not the most important part of planning a room, but everyone agrees that it makes a difference in the decoration and functionality of the room.

That’s why we brought a complete post to help you choose the ideal bedside table for your room, come see.

How to choose a bedside table?

By color

This remarkable little decoration can take on a wide variety of colors, which is very nice, but on the other hand, it can leave you with tremendous doubt about which to choose.

The tip, in this case, is to observe the color palette that already predominates in the environment. Based on this analysis, you can choose a bedside table that follows the white of the walls, or one that is opposite to what already exists, creating a contrast in the decoration.

By design

The bedside table design is directly related to the room’s decorative style.

The more classic ones will prefer standard-shaped tables, usually square and at mattress height. For those who prefer a more modern style, the tip is to opt for bedside tables with straight lines, without exaggeration, notches, or decorative elements. Less is more around here.

But if you like that vintage touch in the environment, then the tip is to opt for a retro bedside table with the classic toothpicks.

Height and size of the bedside table

Ideally, the bedside table should be the same height as the mattress so that you can easily access it while lying in bed. But, some more modern models already assume varied heights, which can be a little taller or shorter. The important thing is that it can be reached by whoever is in bed

The size of the table should be evaluated according to the room’s measurements. Remember that in addition to being beautiful, the bedside table must be functional. In this case, it cannot prevent you from sitting or getting out of bed or block a passage. For small rooms, the most recommended are compact tables, both in size and visual appeal.

Same or different?

The question that always remains for anyone looking for a double bedside table, especially for a double bedroom, is whether they need to be the same or should they be different. The answer is: it depends! The same models can be a good solution for classic rooms and rooms with a more conservative and sober style, forming a symmetrical and regular composition. The more modern rooms should opt for different models to bring personality.

They can have different sizes, colors, and shapes, but remember to create harmony between the pieces no matter how different they are. And you know that set that used to be sold with the bed? So, it’s been in disuse for some time. Ideally, you should choose a model that matches the bed, but doesn’t necessarily match it.

Except in the case of built-in bedside tables, in this case, they form a continuity of the headboard and, therefore, have the same design.

Check out 10 bedside table ideas below and get inspired:












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