How To Choose The Perfect Pot For Succulents

Welcome to the amazing world of succulent pots! In this place there is space for everything: creative, decorated, recycled, small, suspended, clay, cement, and even glass vases. The important thing is to provide a beautiful and suitable place for your succulents to grow and appear.

But before planting the greens, check out the tips and inspirations we’ve set aside for you:

How to choose a vase for succulents?


Succulent pot material is one of the first things you will need to consider, especially if your succulent is going to be exposed to the sun.

This is because some materials, such as cement and glass, for example, heat up too much and can harm your plant. Others, such as clay, compete with the succulent for moisture and, therefore, will require you to water the plant more often. Therefore, the first tip is to determine where the plant will be and then choose the material.

If it’s succulent in the sun, prefer vases with a natural composition, such as clay and coconut fiber, since if it’s an indoor succulent, the other materials are freed.


Succulents are very versatile and democratic when it comes to pot size. The vast majority of them live very well in very small pots. However, under these conditions, it has no room to grow and will be limited to the size of the pot. So if you want your greens to grow, then put them in a vase that is a little bigger or proportionately sized.

In the case of an arrangement with several succulents, prioritize the use of larger pots and a wide mouth.


The decorative style of the room where you will place the succulents also helps to define the best type of vase. Classic aesthetic environments are complete with ceramic and glass vases. On the other hand, modern and laid-back environments combine with cement vases.

Clay vases, in turn, are ideal for boho, rustic, and industrial-style environments.


Pay close attention to draining the pot for succulents. This type of plant does not tolerate excess water and humidity, under serious risk of root rot. For this reason, the most suitable, especially for beginner gardeners, is the use of pots with holes for drainage. This is the surest way to ensure that the earth doesn’t get soaked.

Pots without holes, also known as cachepots, should only be used by those who already have more experience in gardening and know exactly how much water they need to put in the plant.

Check out the following ideas for pots for succulents below and get inspired to build your greenback collection:











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