The Most Beautiful Succulent Terrariums For Your Home

A terrarium is any type of container used for growing small plants in a fully self-sustaining micro-ecosystem.

The terrarium’s function is to recreate the natural habitat of these species, offering them adequate light, water, and nutrients for their development.

Usually made of glass, the terrarium can be opened or closed.

How to make a succulent terrarium

The succulent terrarium is simple to make, but for everything to work it is important to follow all the steps correctly. Here are the materials needed to create your terrarium:

Necessary materials

1. Glass container

Does the terrarium need to be mounted inside a glass container? Yes, if the terrarium is closed and not if the terrarium is opened. However, regardless of the type of terrarium, glass ends up being the best option.

This is because glass is a transparent material that allows the passage of light, something fundamental for the plants.

Another reason for using glass is the fact that it allows you to contemplate the terrarium freely and without obstacles, after all, what you will really want is to look and admire the beauty of your mini garden.

So use glass to get the best result. Remembering that this container can be an unused aquarium or even a pot or packaging that would go to waste.

2. Expanded clay or stones

Expanded clay or stones are essential to ensure that excess water is not in direct contact with the plants. They are the basis of the terrarium’s drainage system.

3. Bidim blanket

The bid blanket is also used to help drain the terrarium, preventing the substrate from descending to the stones.

4. Substrate for succulents

The substrate is a mixture of soil, sand, and other compounds necessary for the development of succulents.

When you buy a specific substrate for this type of plant you guarantee the most suitable soil for it and, also, it still makes your life easier.

But if you prefer you can make this preparation at home, for that use three parts of vegetable soil for two parts of sand, remembering that the sand needs to be washed before going to the terrarium and never use beach sand because of the salt present in it.

5. Succulents

Obviously, a succulent terrarium will need succulents. But which ones to choose? Prefer those that best adapt to the environment where the terrarium will be. This is because there are succulents that need full sun to develop, while others grow well in environments of indirect light.

The number of succulents will depend on the size of the terrarium. One tip is to vary and choose species of different colors and sizes to create a very versatile terrarium.

The succulent terrarium can also have cacti, okay? Here’s the tip!

6. White pebbles, pebbles, or other covers

The finishing of the terrarium is due to those small stones of different colors, also known as granilha.

You can also bet on the use of pebbles, river stones, moss, or any other covering that has to do with your proposal.

7. Embellishments

They are not indispensable, but they make a tremendous difference in the final composition of the terrarium. The ornaments are usually cute miniatures that simulate animals, furniture, and even people.

Now let’s see the most beautiful ones that we picked out for you!











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