How To Choose The Perfect Laundry Shelf

Who says laundry can’t be beautiful and organized? Not only can it but it should, after all, this is one of the most functional environments in the house.

But how do you do that? Simple! Using shelves for laundry. This is the most practical, inexpensive and charming way to organize the service area.  So let’s get your hands dirty and transform this laundry there? We help you here with tips, ideas, inspirations and even a step by step on how to make a laundry shelf. Come and see!


Shelves are masters of the organization’s art. They keep everything in order and always at hand when you need it. In them, you can organize cleaning products, cleaning cloths, sponges and brushes, in addition to other common items in the household chores.  So when you need it, you already know exactly where to find all these things.

Space optimization

Another great advantage of the shelves is the space savings they provide.  As it is a vertical structure, the shelves free up area on the floor, but without losing efficiency and practicality.  This is fantastic for those with little space, especially for small apartment laundry.


Of course, the shelves would not disappoint you when it comes to decor. Nowadays it is possible to find a wide variety of models, from colourful options to natural wood. The size can also be adjusted according to your needs.  Another positive point is the display of the items. Everything that is placed on the shelf is exposed and this feature makes everything more interesting.  Therefore, a good tip is to decorate the laundry shelf with baskets and organizing boxes. Plant pots and paintings are also welcome on the piece.

But remember that the organization of the items is essential for the laundry to remain tidy and beautiful. The mess has no place on the shelf, okay?

Here are 10 laundry shelf ideas and start transforming your service area today:











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