18 Excellent Traditional Laundry Room Designs You Need

We always say the kitchen is the hub of the home, but the laundry room is definitely a crucial element as well, yet somehow, it seems to either be missing from most homes or to be designed simply as an afterthought. Sure you can put the washing machine in the bathroom, but that’s far from what a traditional laundry room can offer you.
The laundry room will provide you with a clean and comfortable space to wash, dry and fold the clothes for the entire family. It can be extended for many other purposes as well, for example, it can also have a pet washing station if you own a dog or another pet that likes to wrestle in mud.

In this new compilation of interior designs, we’ve decided to focus our attention on 18 Excellent Traditional Laundry Room Designs You Need. Check out the designs that we’ve included in this list and you will be surprised at how much more elegant simple chores can be done. It’s always better if you have a separate space for doing these everyday tasks, but if that’s not a possibility, then the laundry room can be integrated into the kitchen, bathroom or basement. Enjoy!

1. traditional laundry room idea in Detroit

2. timeless laundry room remodel in San Francisco

3. Upscale Back Bay Condo

4. Mighty Mudroom with Pet Bath

5. Coventry Homes – 6 Creeks 70′

6. Los Gatos Remodel

7. Private Home Kitchen Remodel

8. Avoca Beach

9. classic laundry room design in Hertfordshire

10. Traditional Laundry Room Design

11. Woodland Renovation

12. Exquisite Traditional Design

13. Luxurious Laundry & Utility in Pasadena

14. Kitchen/Living/Mud Room renovation

15. Mount Hill Drive Kitchen

16. Spacious Southern Home

17. Beacon Hill Traditional

18. Nantucket Model Home


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