How to Choose the Perfect Lamp for Your Bedroom

Nothing like the good old lamp to make the room lighting warm and comforting. This classic and traditional piece of interior decoration can make all the difference in the final result of the room, providing a tailored light and, of course, enhancing the aesthetics of the room.

The lamp comes from the French word  lampshade  and means breaking down the light or the light. That is, since its beginnings around the 16th century, the lamp had already served this purpose of providing soft, diffused and very pleasant lighting.That’s why its use is recommended for moments of relaxation, rest or even for tasks such as reading, crafts and use of screens, such as mobile phones and notebooks.

Lamp light

The lamp used in the lamp is as important as the lamp itself. That’s because choosing the wrong light bulb can undermine your decorating proposal.

However, the shade of light must also be defined by the use that will be made of the lamp. The yellow light is perfect for providing a warm and cozy room, while the white light is best suited for the person who wants to read or use the computer.In children’s rooms, the tip is to use colored lamps that favor the child’s sleep. A good example are blue, lilac and green light bulbs. These colors, according to chromotherapy, bring a calming and relaxing effect inducing a peaceful sleep.

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