How to Assemble the Ideal Coffee Corner with Minibar

For some time now, the coffee corner has gained space in homes and hearts, but recently another idea has also been very successful: the coffee corner with a minibar. 

Yes, we can consider this as a plus version of the traditional coffee corner, more bodied and with greater resources to offer, in addition to the daily coffee, and other special drinks. 

Check out the following tips and ideas on how to set up a coffee corner with a minibar in your house, follow along:

How to set up a coffee corner with a fridge

Set the location

The coolest part of the coffee corner is that it doesn’t have to be in the kitchen. With that, you gain the freedom to insert it in other environments of the house, especially the more social ones, where visitors are usually and coffee is a fundamental part of a good conversation. 

The coffee corner can be set up in the living room, in the dining room, on the porch, in the home office or even in the kitchen (why not?). 

Everything will depend on how you use these environments and, of course, the space available for them. A lot of people bet on using the cart to set up the coffee corner, but you don’t have to limit yourself to it. 

Those who have little space at home can set up the corner on a sideboard, counter, bench, buffet and even in the corner of the dining table. The kitchen cabinet or the living room rack also makes the list of possible places for a coffee corner with a minibar.

You can even choose to make a custom-made piece of furniture for the coffee corner, so you can take advantage of unused space in the house. But it is important to pay attention to one detail: the coffee corner location needs to have outlets, after all, they are essential for the coffee maker and the minibar to work.

Don’t forget the essentials

Once you’ve defined where the coffee corner with minibar will be set up, you need to focus on the essentials for that space. 

You don’t need to invest a lot, especially if the place is small. In general, don’t miss the coffee maker of your favourite model, the minibar and, of course, cups, capsules or coffee powder, sugar bowl and stirrers. 


Last but not least, pay attention to the decoration of the coffee corner with a minibar. 

The first thing is to plan the colour palette. Remember that the corner is inserted within another environment, so it’s cool that it brings harmonic colours and that they balance with the other colours of the space. 

The style of the corner should also follow the decoration that already exists in the environment, so everything looks more beautiful. Use cups, glasses and bowls as decorative elements. You can organize everything on a tray, for example. 

It is also worth using vases with flowers and some comics to finish off the decoration and leave it with your face.

Do you like the tips? Below you will find the following inspirations to design your own coffee corner with a minibar. Take a look:










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