Decor Tips Of Simple Coffee Corner

As the largest producer and second-largest coffee consumer in the world, Brazil and Brazilians particularly appreciate this drink. Coffee helps wake you up and set you up for the day, but that’s not all. Drinking coffee is also a way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And also getting together with people, whether family, friends or colleagues.

Given the importance of this drink, many people reserve a special room in the house for its preparation.

As the name suggests, the coffee corner is nothing more than a space exclusively dedicated to this drink, so popular all over the world. Thus, it collects all the necessary utensils for its production and tasting, leaving everything at hand whenever you want to make a fresh coffee. In other words, the coffee corner adds practicality while also being a pleasant place to take a break and enjoy a good coffee.

What should not be missing in a simple coffee corner?

Once you’ve decided where you want to set up your coffee nook (and made sure there’s an outlet nearby), it’s time to choose the items that will fit in that space. To make sure you don’t forget anything, we’ve put together a complete list:

  • Coffee maker (the best models to use in your coffee corner are: the classic electric, capsule, espresso, French press and Aeropress machines);
  • set of cups (and saucers, if any);
  • sugar and/or sweetener;
  • coffee spoons and/or stirrers;
  • Napkin;
  • Jars for cookies and other snacks.

Depending on how you prepare your coffee, you will also need:

  • pot for powder or coffee beans;
  • Coffee grinder;
  • Balance;
  • Fine spout kettle for coffee;
  • support for coffee capsules;
  • Kettle;
  • thermos.

And if you are also a person who loves coffee and also tea, don’t forget:

  • Pots (or boxes) of herbs for infusion;
  • Teapot;
  • Tea egg.

The list may seem long, but the idea is that you find out what is needed for the type of coffee you are preparing. The grinder, for example, is necessary for those who buy whole grain products. At the same time, the kettle is convenient for making coffee in the French press or tea without having to go to the stove to heat water.

Plus, you can add or not add space for snacks like cookies and toast. In other words, adapt this list to your habits and needs.

Ideas to inspire you in furnishing your simple coffee corner:











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