Choose The Best Spot For The Coffee Corner In Your Living Room

If you’re also one of the people who love a cup of coffee, then it’s time to turn that passion into decoration. Yes, we are talking about the coffee corner in the living room. This small space created with great care by fans of one of the most consumed drinks in the world is as decorative as it is functional.

That’s because you can give a charm to the decoration and still facilitate and bring practicality to your day-to-day when it’s time to pass the coffee.

Let’s check out all the ideas for a coffee corner in the living room? After all, life only begins after coffee.

Tips to have your coffee corner in the living room

Assess your needs

Before you start planning the decoration and assembly of your coffee corner in the living room, assess what you need and want.

The coffee corner is all the rage, mainly because of the coffee machine boom, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow this trend to the letter. So the best thing to do is ask yourself how, where and in what way do you like to enjoy your cup of coffee? Every day in the morning or only when you have a visitor? In the first case, it is better to equip the corner with items that can be consumed daily, in addition to the coffee itself.

If the second option suits you better, then a small space just for the coffee maker and cups is enough.

Choose a place

What is the best place in the room to set up the coffee corner? There is no rule for this.

What you need to evaluate is the functionality of the environment. The coffee corner cannot get in the way or block the way.

Furniture for the coffee corner

The coffee corner is very versatile and maybe that’s why it has been so successful. It can be mounted on a sideboard, a buffet, a cart (super trend), or even in a corner of the rack, dining table, or counter that divides the environment.

You don’t need to have your furniture for the coffee corner in the living room, especially if the space is small.

Verticalize if necessary

Speaking of small space, did you know that the coffee corner can be made suspended? This reduces the need for free floor space, favoring small rooms.

To do this, simply install niches or shelves on the wall. In addition to being charming, the coffee corner is practical and functional.

Decide what you will use in the coffee corner

The items that will make up the coffee corner vary greatly according to your daily use needs. But, in general, two elements are indispensable: coffee maker and cups.

However, you can of course equip this space to make it even more functional. To do this, have on hand:

  • Pot to store the coffee powder;
  • sugar bowl;
  • coffee spoons;
  • Capsule holder (if applicable);
  • Electric kettle (for those who opted for the traditional method of making coffee);
  • cups;
  • Napkin;
  • Coffee machine, coffee maker, or thermos bottle;
  • Tray;

Items to decorate

All items used to prepare coffee can now be used as part of the decoration of the coffee corner in the room. That’s why it’s important to choose cups, pots, sugar bowls, and capsule holders, among other elements according to the style of your corner.

But you don’t have to stick to these items only unless you want to do something minimalist, where only the necessary is welcome. Other than that, you are free to create countless possibilities, such as the ones we will mention below:

Trays – in addition to being functional, as they serve to support the objects in the coffee corner, the trays also complete the decor with charm and elegance.

Plants and flowers – a vase with a plant or flowers make everything more beautiful and cozy. So have one.

Pictures – comics with messages, phrases, and images that have to do with the coffee corner make the environment more relaxed and interesting.

Chalkboard wall – want to risk something more in the decoration of the coffee corner in the living room? So the tip is to make a chalkboard wall for the back of the corner. In it, you can write down phrases, recipes, and whatever else you want.

Baskets – the baskets are also functional and bring that super special touch to the decoration of the coffee corner in the living room. It is worth using wired, fabric, or natural fiber models.

How about now getting inspired with these ideas for a coffee corner in the living room? Just take a look at the images below.










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