How To Assemble A Simply Lobby And Yet To Look Astonishing

Don’t underestimate the ability of a simple lobby! This space, although small and modest, has a lot to offer.

And if you want tips and ideas on how to organize and build a simple lobby, keep following this post, we have a lot of cool things to tell you.

How to set up a simple entrance hall?

No matter how simple and small the entrance hall may be, there are always some elements that are essential for setting up this space. 

See what they are next:

Hooks and brackets

For a simple lobby to work you will need hooks and brackets.

These elements are multipurpose and extremely practical in everyday life. They can be used to hang bags, blouses, coats, bags, among other things.  The best part is that you can make these hooks yourself and customize them however you want.

If your entrance hall is small, prefer wall hooks so as not to take up floor space.


It’s not mandatory, but if you want to add more charm to your simple lobby you can opt for the shelves.

They help keep you organized and even provide extra space for decoration. On the shelf you can, for example, place a picture frame or a small plant. The shelf can still replace the famous sideboard. The piece, more compact and suspended, helps to visually expand the space and free up the floor.

Another interesting way to use the shelf is to use the underside to fix hooks. Thus, you can expand the functionality of the piece, transforming it into a coat rack as well.

Integrate the decor

If your entrance hall is integrated with the living room, something very common in apartments, you can choose to integrate these two spaces.

With that, you bring visual uniformity and a more clean and classic aesthetic.  The integration of the entrance hall must be done by unifying the color palette and style of the furniture.

Create something totally new

But if you prefer, you can also create something new, modern and cool. In other words, the entrance hall can be an event, a free, personalized, and differentiated space.

Again, the color palette is the element used to make this differentiation.

Bet on shades opposite to those used in the room. A good way to do this is betting on complementary colors.

Highlight one of the walls

Choose the most prominent wall in the lobby to make it stand out from the rest.  The simplest and most practical way to do this is to change the paintwork.

Other possible solutions are wallpaper, 3D coatings, or gluing mirrors.

Use plants

Plants never hurt, especially in the lobby. They frame the entrance when used on the floor, but also serve as a decorative complement when suspended from a shelf or ceiling.

And, for those who believe, plants can still bring protection to the home. For this, nothing like a vase of Espada de São Jorge, pepper, rue, or rosemary.

How about now check out the following ideas on how to decorate the simple lobby? So look:










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Author: Renata Kralevska

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