House Nizuc 01 by WEWI Studio in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Project: House Nizuc 01
WEWI Studio
Puerto Morelos, Mexico
2,228 sf
Year: 2019

House Nizuc 01 by WEWI Studio

House Nizuc 01, crafted by WEWI Studio, is a captivating abode in Puerto Morelos. Its innovative design flips the conventional layout, situating the parking at the rear and the garden facing a park at the front, creating a sense of expansive openness. The architectural composition revolves around orientation: service facilities and the pool strategically placed to absorb warmth, while bedrooms and communal spaces face east to capture the cooling sea breeze.

The house is located on a 160m2 corner lot. Taking advantage of these conditions, it was decided to reverse the scheme that is commonly used in this type of subdivisions, placing the parking lot at the back and the garden in front, linked to an existing park, generating a sense of extension.

The project outline responds to the orientation of the lot. The service facilities, the stairs and the pool are located to the west, absorbing the heat of the afternoon, while the bedrooms and common areas are to the east, receiving the sea breeze. The volumetry appears as a large white box with subtractions, which generate private terraces and courtyards that frame the landscape. The exterior simplicity of the house is contrasted when discovering the interior articulated by two double-heights that intersect creating a triple-height diagonal that interconnects the spaces of the house through windows, generating a feeling of greater spaciousness and a dynamic of life towards the inside.

The corridors with low ceilings serve as a transition generating a contrast when opening into the double-height spaces. A restricted range of materials was used, trying to unify the spaces through color. Light wood such as poplar, travertine, and chukum (a local material) was used in the wet areas and in the staircases.

WEWI Studio


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