House Maza by CHK Arquitectura in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Project: House Maza
Architects: CHK Arquitectura
Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Area: 5,263 sq ft
Photographs by: Yoshihiro Koitani

House Maza by CHK Arquitectura

CHK Arquitectura, a Mexican architecture studio, have designed House Maza near the lake of Valle de Bravo in Mexico. This contemporary home was envisioned as an open residential space which will ultimately allow its residents to experience the surrounding nature even from the interior of their home, offering a deeper sense of nature.
The main goal of this design was to make the boundaries between the interior and the surrounding environment disappear. The colors inside of the home mirror the stunning surroundings in all its glory, embracing nature and welcoming it inside.

The Maza house is a holiday home located in the natural setting surrounding the Lake of Valle de Bravo. It Is placed in an irregular difficult and steep slope area. The house is surrounded by a rill of clear water on one side, the vegetation of other buildings on the other side and lush forest in the rest of the edges.

The only access is located in a corner of the place which is the lowest point of the piece of land; the arrival is through a narrow bridge over the creek. In spite of the land has beautiful near views of the rill, it is necessary to rise to get to see the lake through the next forest.

These characteristics of the place condition the location of the different uses according to its importance. The service areas and parking are located in the basement. The more public areas are on the first level with the best horizontal visual. The most private areas are grouped to the east side of the house and, like the house rised up the neck, it grow up looking for the best views.

The interior is built as the sum of different spaces, each one is designed as a scene. In the passage from one to another the change of materials, varying light levels, the routes and the apparition of exterior views are the resources that modulate and enrich the experience of walking the house.

Has been sought an appropriate relationship between building and nature. Without denying the condition of the home built by man, vegetation is integrated and mixes with it, inside and on the edges of the building, which are blurred between the trees and undergrowth of the place.

CHK Arquitectura



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