House in Poznan by Easst Architects in Poznan, Poland

Project: House in Poznan
Architects: Easst Architects
Location:  Poznan, Poland
Area: 2,787 sf (floor), 3,078 sf (plot)
Photographs by: Courtesy of Easst Architects

House in Poznan by Easst Architects

The house in Poznan (Poland) was designed for a family of four. The biggest challenge was to fit the extensive functional program proposed by the investor on a very small plot of only 290 m2 with a front width of less than 16 meters. Design has become a complicated puzzle, but the more restrictions the more interesting is the design process.
As a result, we obtained over 250 m2 of usable floor space on three floors, and the house finally houses as many as 5 bedrooms. Two sides of the building adjoin the neighboring buildings because it is a partial reconstruction of an existing small residential building. This made it much easier to obtain more space (m2) but complicated the building structure.

We wanted to create façades that are durable, easy to maintain and have unusual colors for Polish conditions (the investor showed great courage and gave us a lot of confidence in this matter – black in architecture still causes anxiety). Therefore, we used black facade brick combined with woodwork in natural oak color. In addition, parts of the facade were covered with wood. External blinds were used in the windows. Thanks to the use of borderless glass, the vestibule seems to be a part of the garden. We used a stretch backlit ceiling that gives a feeling of daylight even in the middle of the night. The composition of the blocks was reduced to simple, economical in geometrical forms.

-Project description and images provided by Easst Architects


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